Rachel Bhak, MS Candidate

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Rachel Bhak has always had an aptitude for math. An MS student in the Department of Biostatistics, she now regularly using her skills with numbers and statistics to test different approaches to health problems in everyday life. 

As an intern at the Department of Veterans Affairs, Rachel works with data from a longitudinal study on abdominal aortic aneurysms. She already has one paper pending publication and will continue work with the dataset for her thesis. 

Rachel is also a co-founder of the Biostatistics Student Association. The group brings together students from all three of the department’s degree programs and fosters connections with the faculty and their research through talks and social events. 

Working as a teaching assistant in Professor Robert Makuch’s class, “Fundamentals of Clinical Trials,” also contributes to Rachel’s Yale education. Being a TA requires being able to understand an issue from all angles so that she can assist a student who might have a different viewpoint, she says. “That is different from taking a class. It makes you look at things from many different perspectives.”