The Future Begins cont…

  • A knowledge base in biostatistics, chronic and infectious disease epidemiology, health policy, health care management, social and behavioral sciences and environmental health.
  • The demonstrated ability to apply public health principles, concepts and methodologies obtained through formal course work to actual problems experienced in the community or work environment.
  • The application of research skills to specific public health problems, including the ability to define problems; construct, articulate and test hypotheses; draw conclusions; and communicate findings to a variety of audiences domestic and international.

    These students will take these core competencies and individual specializations into the work force as they seek employment with health systems, management consulting firms, investment banks, government agencies, non-governmental, non-profit and advocacy organizations. They will bring the Yale perspective, analytical rigor and practical experience in addressing major health care issues such as how companies need to navigate the Affordable Care Act, how health systems should address population health via strategy, operations and infrastructure and what are the new reimbursement models that are needed to address today's Value Based Purchasing requirements.

    The AYAPH Business and Industry Committee and the Student Association of the Yale School of Public Health (SAYPH) are working collaboratively with Career Services to support activities that facilitate on-campus recruiting of YSPH students by alumni and companies seeking highly talented and extremely motivated professionals. Join us in these efforts to contribute to the future of our field by:
  • Conducting on-campus interviews
  • Scheduling an on-campus presentation or coffee chat
  • Scheduling a video-based presentation
  • Searching a resume book or database for student talent
  • Posting a job/s

    To facilitate any of these activities, please contact Felicia Spencer, Director of Career Services ( ). If you are interested in working with the AYAPH Business and Industry Committee and SAYPH to support students in preparing for transition into the work force, please contact the AYAPH Business and Industry Chair, Miguel McInnis, .