Repositioning of the AYAPH

In 2011 the AYAPH board set out to develop a plan based on the interests of YSPH alumni. Over the course of 18 months, we solicited and received feedback from alumni, students and other stakeholders, ultimately leading to an approved three-year strategic plan that was implemented in January 2013. The plan — "Alumni Connectivity", enabled the AYAPH to directly respond to its alumni and re-position its priorities. June 2014 marks the mid-point of the plan and I am pleased to report that 48% of the 60 Action Items in plan the have been accomplished. The complete Strategic Plan Update report can be found here.

In the spirit of "repositioning," a new mission statement was created and a set of core values were established.

Mission Statement
The Association of Yale Alumni in Public Health exists to foster connections between alumni, provide professional development and leadership opportunities worldwide, aid the Yale School of Public Health in its endeavors and to serve the public good.

  • Core Values
  • Diversity
  • Communication
  • Engagement
  • Advocacy
  • Leadership
  • Public Service
  • Social Justice
Increased Membership Participation
The AYAPH is only as strong as the voices of its membership and we have been "hearing" from more of you in recent years. The newly established board term limits offer more alumni the opportunity to take leadership roles as board directors. Since 2010, the AYAPH board has welcomed ten new members and two new AYA delegates, representing classes from 1981 through 2009. In addition to board membership, alumni can actively participate by joining one of the 12 committees. Non-board member representation on committees has increased, including the participation of members living in Monrovia and Switzerland. Membership participation is also measured by attendance at events. This was positively reflected by attendance at Alumni Day 2013. The program - Innovations in Public Health: A Homecoming - brought Alumni Day to 60 College Street, where we've all walked the halls and received our degrees. Participation at the event from alumni that had not previously attended increased significantly. I look forward to the continued growth in participation at Alumni Day, networking receptions across the country, the APHA meeting and other events in the years to come.

In keeping with my commitment to an alumni association that continues to evolve, I am stepping down as president. Effective July 1, 2014 Tassos Kyriakides, PhD '99 will assume the role as AYAPH President and Chair of the Board. Tassos joined the Board in 2012 and immediately stepped in as chair of the Global Health Committee. Over the course of the last two years he has re-energized and transformed the committee, delivering new initiatives for the benefit of all alumni with an interest in global health. I am confident that Tassos will bring the same energy to the AYAPH as the association continues to grow.

It's been an honor and pleasure serving as AYAPH president and I look forward to continuing to do my part as an YSPH alum to contribute to the AYAPH's ongoing growth as a strong alumni association.

Kevin P. Nelson MPH '92
AYAPH President