Student Information

General Information and Guidelines

  • Students select their mentors based on industry, background and location.
  • Each student can select up to two mentors.
  • Mentors are participating in this program so you can take advantage of their professional experience, not to help you find a job. As your relationship evolves they may be able to offer assistance but this should not be an expectation or the reason you choose a specific mentor.
  • There is no set time commitment or expectation but you will likely need to be the one to activate and sustain the relationship.

Tips for Ensuring a Successful Relationship with Your Mentor

  • Contact your mentor within one week of selection to introduce yourself and set up a time to speak with him or her. There is no formula for the initial contact, but you may want to express appreciation for your mentor's participation in the program and outline your hopes for the mentoring relationship.
  • When you schedule an appointment to speak with your mentor, treat it as you would an interview. If you must cancel, please provide no less than 24 hours notice when possible.
  • Discuss and set appropriate expectations for both parties from the beginning including responsiveness, mode and frequency of contact.
  • Always write in a professional manner when communicating with your mentor. Address him or her by formal name unless he or she advises you otherwise. Please take the time to proofread and spell-check all emails and letters etc.
  • Be committed and responsive to your mentor. Mentors have been given the expectation that they should respond to you within one week (or give notice that that isn't possible). Please exhibit a similar level of responsiveness.
  • Consider what types of insight you might find valuable and relevant to your areas of interest. Share these ideas with your mentor and make specific requests. For example, if you feel your mentor is unable to provide a certain level of insight that you desire about a certain position or industry, ask if your mentor has anyone else that he or she might recommend having you contact.

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