For Mentors

Welcome to the YSPH mentorship program. As a potential mentor, we welcome you and thank you for your participation.

General Information and Guidelines

  • The primary role of the mentor is to act as a resource to the student: the mentor can provide career advice and share job searching tips with the unique perspective of having completed the same program as the mentee. Students select their mentors based on preferred sector and industry experience, background, and location.
  • Each mentor can work with a maximum of two students.
  • A mentor acts as a trusted counselor and guide who provides a risk-free learning environment in which to offer career guidance.
  • There is no expectation that the mentor will be able to directly assist in the student's job search.
  • There is no set time commitment. You and the student should plan to meet at a frequency that makes sense to both. A reasonable expectation could be monthly contacts of one form or another.
  • It would be reasonable on the part of the student to expect that you will return any message within one week at the latest, or indicate why this is not possible.
  • It is unlikely that all mentors will be selected in a given year. 
  • Prior to the beginning of the next academic year, we will contact you to see if you would like to continue to be a mentor and to update your profile.

Please contact with questions or if you are interested in signing up.

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