Meet our Students

Wenlan Zang

Wenlan Zang - Biostatistics

Wenlan Zang discovered the field of biostatistics as an undergraduate in her native Guangzhou, China when a visiting professor from Duke came to speak about his work.

Trena - crop

Trena Mukherjee - CDE

After her MPH internship, Trena Mukherjee decided that she really wanted to do more research.

josh Wei - crop

Joshua Wei - EHS

Joshua Wei presents his work with Dr. Carol Barsky, Yale New Haven Hospital’s director for clinical permance, to the Healthcare Management Practicum class.

Eri - crop

Eri Togami - EMD

Eri Togami originally set out to become a veterinarian in small animal clinics in her native Japan. However, when she learnt the diverse and unique roles a veterinarian can play in public...

schneider - crop

Andrew Schneider - EMD

Some students follow unusual paths to public health; Andrew Schneider is one of them.

McKinley Kelcy - crop

McKinley Kelcy - HCM

McKinley Kelcy, a first year student in the Health Care Management program, discovered a passion for hospital administration while doing her undergraduate degree in public health at the...

Jessica Faville - crop

Jessica Faville - Accelerated MBA/MPH

After graduating from UCLA in 2009, Jessica Faville completed a year-long Community HealthCorps assignment with a focus on increasing access to care and health outcomes for homeless...

mike garcia - crop

Mike Garcia - HP

After Mike Garcia finished his undergraduate work, he went to work in New York City where he worked as an advertising and branding consultant for four years.

Tiffany Bell - crop

Tiffany Bell - SBS

Tiffany Bell recently presented her thesis examining the role that healthcare providers play in contributing to reproductive and sexual health disparities to the Division of Social and...