Sustainable Purchasing

  • Before buying office supplies, electronics, cleaning supplies, furniture, light bulbs, water service or appliances, check the Yale Sustainable Procurement Standards Guide to see what certifications Yale recommends.
  • If using SciQuest or requesting that an item be purchased for your office, choose a “Sustainable Purchasing” product made of recycled content or an Environmentally Preferable product from Office Max.
  • Reduce the impact of products; buy locally to reduce shipping costs, or choose a product with little to no packaging to reduce waste.
  • Reduce frequent orders to bi-weekly or monthly, and coordinate with others near your unit to reduce the number of deliveries.

Greening your personal shopping:

  • Buying local supports local economies and entrepreneurs while having a smaller carbon footprint than on-line ordering. Consider local theater and restaurant gift certificates. Also, look for “Made in the USA” tags.
  • Fair-trade gifts not only feel good, but taste good! Consider locally grown, or organically grown, items such as coffee or chocolate.
  • Give a gift that helps someone go green, like energy-saving power strips, motion sensor lights, reusable stainless steel water bottles and reusable cloth shopping bags
  • Ease the guilt. Re-gifting = recycling!
  • Donate to your, or your giftee’s, favorite charity. Less stuff = less waste + warm fuzzies!