Paper Reduction Goal

In September, the Yale School of Public Health set out to reduce its annual paper consumption by 25 percent, or to purchase less than 2,254 reams of paper. Both Student Affairs and Faculty Affairs have adopted a paperless approach in formerly paper intensive processes such as admissions reviews and faculty promotions. EMD holds paperless department meetings.

We can meet this goal and save nearly 100 trees per year, if each person prints roughly 6 less pages per day than they did last year. 

  • Think before you ink; don’t print
  • Set double-sided defaults on printers/copiers
  • Reuse flip sides of non-confidential pages

Also, thanks to the Minnesota Pollution Control Authority for its tips on becoming a paper-LESS office. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

In one minute and 47 seconds with the Minus One Project, you can learn how to decrease paper consumption by 18 percent; simply reduce your font size by one!

Want to learn how to hold a paperless meeting? Check out this guide, and use Outlook or Box at Yale to share and present documents at meetings (or on any collaborative projects).

Additional tips and resources are available from Yale’s Office of Sustainability.

Let’s reach our goal. Help us help you help the environment, the economy and our health! Contact Heidi Richard with questions, ideas or gripes.