Green Your Lunch

Green your lunch break this month, one day at a time.

Meatless Monday: Cut meat out of your plan for the day. This is a great chance to try plant proteins like quinoa and black beans, and share meatless recipes.

Tupperware Tuesday: Pack your lunch in a reusable container to reduce waste (plastic bags can be reused too!). If you decide to grab-n-go for lunch, try bringing your own container.

Waste Less Food Wednesday: Plastic bottles are made of petroleum and filling them takes significant water and energy… then they cause waste when you are done.

Tap and Tea Thursday: Sugary beverages are filled with high-fructose corn syrup, which is not only inefficient to produce, but is very bad for the body. Bottled water creates extra waste. Forgo these and instead serve pitchers of water or iced tea.

Farm Market Friday: As you make your weekend plans, be sure to plan a visit to your local farmers market to buy fresh autumn produce and support the local economy! 

Food For Thought

A vital component of YSPH’s sustainability strategic recommendations is FOOD! We all love it, we all need it, and we can think about its impact on our bodies, our land, and our economy. Both individual food consumption and event hosting are part of our daily lives at YSPH. How can you integrate nutrition and resource conservation at work?

  • choose healthy meeting options over donuts and pizza
  • select catering vendors who support locally harvested, organic food products and use recyclable, biodegradable serving ware (Yale DiningBlue State Coffee, Café George, Koffee on Audubon
  • encourage use of personal dishware at meetings/events; bring your own mug incentives
  • recycle plastic trays and lids, aluminum trays, and cardboard “boxes of joe” in our new Single Stream bins (no food residue)
  • donate leftover food and beverages to a local food bank: DESK- The Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen
  • Green Event Certification
  • visit the Yale Farm