Save Energy

Monday: Take a moment to check your computer’s power-saving settings. 

Tuesday: Let the sunshine in. According to the Department of Energy, lighting makes up 44 percent of an office’s annual electricity use. Open up the blinds and the curtains to let in natural light.

Wednesday: Heating and air conditioning are some of the biggest energy-drainers in any building. Check the thermostat in your workplace today. You shouldn’t feel too chilly inside when it’s warm out, or vise versa. If you have trouble adjusting the thermostat, contact your physical plant office.

Thursday: Not only do you use your own energy when you run on the treadmill, but you also use a great deal of electricity. That’s no reason to forgo exercise though. In warmer weather, instead of heading to the gym, exercise outside.

Friday: Before you head home for the weekend, do a quick once-over of your workplace. Make sure all electronics are turned off and unplugged. Switch off all power strips. Make sure to lower the fume hood sash if you work in a laboratory.

Additional Resources:

  • Review the Yale Building Occupancy Training program to learn more about how to maximize your building's sustainable performance. There are interactive presentations available for labs, offices and academic spaces and residence halls.
  • When you upgrade to energy efficient products, use the Energy Star Rebate Finder to save money on your sustainable upgrades.
  • Think of the energy drain that occurs each time you recharge your cell phone, laptop, or camera. Learn about battery-boosting habits that keep your electronics running longer before you need to scramble to find an outlet.
  • If you are a home owner, the Yale Community Carbon Fund can assist you with reducing your energy consumption at home. You can sign up for an energy audit or go solar. Contact if you have questions or want additional assistance.