Built Environment

Commit to thinking about your built environment and helping Yale buildings become more sustainable.  

Mindful Monday:  Start off your week right by saving water. Keep an eye open for leaky faucets that can be reported to a facilities superintendent or building manager.

Turn It Off Tuesday: Every time you leave the room, make sure any unnecessary lights, appliances and computers are turned off, especially desk lamps, which are easy to forget about. 

Waste Less Wednesday: Try to go all day without throwing anything out! Or, carry around your waste in a bag with you all day to see how much waste you produce.  

Thermostat Thursday: So much energy is saved by lowering the thermostat temperature by just a few degrees. Make sure that all windows and doors are closed so that heat does not escape, and bring a sweater. You don’t have to be cold to save energy!

Power Down Friday:  The weekend is your time to relax—let your built environment relax then too! Before leaving the office on Friday, make sure that all appliances and computers are turned completely off and unplugged.

The overall performance of an efficient building isn’t just nuts and bolts, the people occupying those spaces are the glue that sustains them.  Did you know that you can track building energy usage (LEED or not) with Yale Building Occupancy guidelines for labs and office/academic spaces. For more information about Yale’s built environment, check out the geothermal heat pumps, wind turbines and a hydrogen fuel cell, all of which are on campus and available for viewing through the self-guided Yale Sustainability Tour.