Sustainability Leadership and Capacity Building

  • Form Green Team/Task Force(s) with faculty, students and staff
  • Building on school mission, integrate sustainability into curriculum, highlight sustainability related research and academic events
  • Strengthen student engagement, leveraging existing partnership, interest and potential learning opportunities
    • Set up a committee or team of students to support efforts and engage others, potentially modeled after other professional schools’ groups
    • Presentation at New Student Orientation
  • Explore collaboration with CARE to engage the New Haven community on sustainable land projects and increase awareness about environmental health impacts
  • Ensure communication about existing efforts and interest groups relating to sustainability in order to avoid redundancy, encourage collaboration and emphasize sustainability efforts and culture at YSPH
    • This should be attempted within the YSPH as well as between Yale College, the Graduate School and other professional schools, capitalizing on support from established sustainability efforts and exchanging ideas on how to implement new ones
  • Continue to encourage Green Workplace Certification and Green Event Certification, and continue collaborating with the Yale School of Medicine on Green Labs
  • Continued annual campaigns to sustain awareness and advance YSPH sustainability goalsConsider allocation of resources for incentives and for a student and/or staff employee to support and oversee YSPH sustainability initiatives

Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  • Attain observations and recommendations from night-time energy survey and consider ways to improve temperature and lighting controls and peripherals use
  • Evaluate ways to stabilize the heating and cooling in the LEPH lower levels and at 47 College, and the economic benefits of doing so

Natural and Built Environment

  • Explore the possibility of placing an urban meadow near the YSPH campus
  • Install more bike racks for YSPH students, faculty and staff
  • Complete renovation of the 5th floor, attaining the goal of LEED certification

Materials Management

  • Continued collaboration and training with maintenance staff and YSPH community to ensure proper recycling practices are used
  • Explore and implement personal printer policy and double-sided printing defaults; PaperCut evaluations
  • Green Purchasing promotion; WB Mason, Eli Surplus Exchange, Supply Swaps

Food and Well-Being

  • Continued advocacy for healthy vending options and policy and healthy catering
  • Establish YSPH as a smoke-free zone
  • Explore soda ban

Do One Small Thing

  • Hold paperless meetings
  • Turn off lights, monitors and printers when possible
  • Take the stairs
  • Walk, bike or use public transportation
  • Reusable dishware
  • Spread the word


For more information or to get involved in sustainability initiatives at the Yale School of Public Health, contact Heidi Richard.