Christoph Zimmer, PhD

Postdoctoral Associate in Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases

Departments & Organizations

Yale University: Yale School of Medicine: School of Public Health


Dr. Zimmer is an interdisciplinary mathematician focusing on the development of parameter estimation methods for stochastic models. Application areas reach from systems biology to epidemics and his methods have been implemented in graphical user interface software.

Education & Training

PhD Heidelberg University, (Dr. rer. nat.) Mathematics (2012)
BA Heidelberg University, Political Economics (2010)
MSc Heidelberg University, (Dipl. Math.) Mathematics (2008)
Postdoctoral Fellow Center for Modelling and Simulation in the Biosciences

Honors & Recognition

  • Full coverage for 3-year postdoctoral fellowshipCenter for Modelling and Simulation in the Biosciences (2012)

  • Full scholarship for 3 year PhD fellowshipHeidelberg Graduate School of Mathematical and Computational Methods for the Science founded by the German Excellence Initiative (2009)

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