Paul Taheri MD, MBA

Deputy Dean for Clinical Affairs and CEO, Yale Medical Group

Selected Publications

  • Hemmila MR, Jakubus JL, Maggio PM, Wahl WL, Dimick JB, Campbell DA Jr, Taheri PA. Real Money: Complications and Hospital Cost in Trauma Patients. Surgery 2008;144 (2): 307-16.
  • Wei B, Hemmila MR, Arbabi S, Taheri PA, Wahl WL. Angioembolization Reduces Operative Intervention for Blunt Splenic Injury. J Trauma. 2008;64 (6): 1472-7.
  • Hemmila MR, Jakubus JL, Wahl WL, Arbabi S, Henderson WG, Khuri SF, Taheri PA, Campbell DA Jr. Detecting the Blind Spot: Complications in the Trauma Registry and Trauma Quality Improvement. Surgery 2007;142 (4); 439-48; discussion 448-9.
  • Taheri PA, Maggio PM, Dougherty J. Neil C, Fetyko S, Harkins DR, Butz DA. Trauma Center Downstream Revenue: The Impact of Incremental Patients within a Health System. J Trauma. 2007;62 (3):615-9; discussion 619-21.
  • Hasan JS, Chung KC, Storey AF, Bolg ML, Taheri PA. Financial Impact of Hand Surgery Programs on Academic Medical Centers. Plast Reconstr Surg. 2007;119 (2): 627-35.
  • Nallamothu BK, Taheri PA, Barsan WG, Bates ER. Broken Bodies, Broken Hearts? Limitations of the Trauma System as a Model for Regionalizing Care for ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction in the United States. Am Heart J. 2006;152:613-8.
  • Harkins D, Butz DA, Taheri PA. A New Prescription for Healthcare Leadership. J Trauma Nurs 2006;13(3):126-30; quiz 131-2.

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