Yale Practice October 2011

Epic update: Yale Internal Medicine Associates goes live


In the marathon, the first runner over the finish line used to receive little more than a laurel wreath. In the long-distance race known as the implementation of the electronic medical record, Yale Internal Medicine Associates expects to receive a considerably richer prize—the ability to provide better patient care.


William E. Hellenbrand is chief of pediatric cardiology

Hellenbrand - small
He will lead pediatric cardiology for Yale Medical Group and help build a statewide congenital heart surgery program in collaboration with Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. He is a pioneer in the development of new devices and techniques in catheterization.


Physician at Work: Tipping the balance in critical care

Marshall - crop

When it was time to select a specialty, Peter Marshall, MD, MPH, had little doubt. A significant family history of asthma steered him toward pulmonary medicine. Caring for patients with respiratory failure during his residency sparked his interest in critical care medicine.


Joshua Copel is medical director of risk management

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In addition to his clinical responsibilities, and his medical director role in medical billing, Dr. Copel will now represent YMG in such areas as addressing patient complaints and developing an effective disclosure program with Yale-New Haven Hospital Risk Management.


Yale Medical Group practices welcome new physicians

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Every year in the fall, Yale Medical Group welcomes a new group of talented, highly specialized physicians from academic centers around the country and the world. This year is no exception. These doctors help to round out the practice by adding expertise in a variety of fields.