Yale Practice November/December 2011

Epic Update: YIMA is reaping the benefits of the EMR

Epic-YIMA Summary Photo

For Yale Internal Medicine Associates (YIMA), October 19 was anything but an ordinary day at the office. That rainy Wednesday marked the debut of a new era for Yale Medical Group as YIMA became the first practice to begin using the Epic electronic medical record system.


More practices are getting ready for Go Live day

Diabetes - Summary Photo

Several practices are now in the process of joining the Epic fold. While there have been some stressful moments, employees who have been involved know it will be worth it in the end. They’re looking forward to more space as they get rid of file cabinets full of paper charts.


Physician at Work: Living longer with cystic fibrosis

Marie Egan - PAW - Summary Photo

When Marie E. Egan, MD, first started practicing medicine, children with cystic fibrosis typically weren’t diagnosed until they had symptoms and often didn’t live beyond childhood. Today, she can reasonably expect every patient she sees to live well into adulthood.


Fair Warning is a giant step toward HIPAA compliance

HIPAA Fair Warning - Summary Photo

While the expectation is that no Yale employee will ever be flagged, the Fair Warning™ system is being used to monitor for conduct prohibited by state and federal privacy laws. Fair Warning audits are continuous, making the program a foolproof step toward improving patient privacy.


Six Sigma eliminates a blood-flow ‘bottleneck’ in YPB

Six Sigma - Summary Photo

A Six Sigma project to provide better, more customer-focused service in the Yale Physician blood draw station resulted in significant improvements, including more efficient standardized work flow, minimal wait times and a high degree of patient satisfaction.