Yale Medical Group congratulates its first Outstanding Employee

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Orimena Givens was a stay-at-home mom when she began thinking about ways to contribute outside of home. After her daughter was diagnosed with cancer, she figured out her next step while sitting in the hospital, where she was blown away by the shining dedication and compassion among the nurses and medical assistants.

During the next 14 years, she provided daycare services and volunteered in the public school system. In 1999, Givens became a medical assistant for the Department of Internal Medicine, then located in the clinic building; now she can be found seeing Yale Medical Associates (YIMA) patients every day in the Yale Physicians Building. She has made such an impact that, in October, Yale Medical Group honored her as its first Outstanding Employee at a special breakfast with her coworkers.

Not just about vital signs

Doctors in Givens’ practice have praised her for quickly adapting to changes in the practice, including the electronic medical record. She rooms patients quickly to minimize their wait and anticipates doctors’ needs. If a patient is short of breath, she checks their oxygen saturation; if they have chest pain, she will have ECG at the ready.

Givens said providing thoughtful care and service goes beyond what she considers to be routine tasks. “It’s about meeting patients’ needs. It’s about talking to them, and taking that extra step to make them feel cared for and that everything is OK. I think about the care that was given to me and my family in the hospital, and I want the people that we treat here to feel the same way,” Givens said. “These people are my brothers, my sisters, my mom and my dad, and thinking about this makes me sensitive to their needs.”

Taking the job seriously

Givens was nominated by YIMA Drs. Matthew Ellman, Lydia Dugdale, Peter Ellis, and Katherine McKenzie, as well as clinical receptionist Racquel Miller.

Miller said Givens is “a very kind person who is patient and takes her job very seriously. Her actions toward her dealings with patients, physicians and staff should be recognized as a way to make the health care environment the way it should be everywhere and a good example to all. I hardly ever hear her complain and you can tell she enjoys what she does.”

As YIMA’s doctors put it, “The workflow in our very busy clinic is always smoother when Jackie is there. Jackie is an outstanding asset to our practice.”