Managed Care Coordinators

Each clinical department has a Managed Care Coordinator (MCC) who serves as the departmental liaison with the YMG Credentialing & Provider Relations office. The MCC is responsible for facilitating the credentialing and application process.

 Department   Coordinator  Phone
 Anesthesiology   Kelly Santamauro   203-737-5801  
 Judy Smith   203-785-2802  
 Child Study Center   Rosemary Serra   203-785-5759  
 Dermatology   Lauren Bedini   203-785-4763  
 Diagnostic Imaging   Carol Lam   203-785-5253  
 Emergency Medicine   Jamie Petrone-Codington   203-785-4404  
 Genetics   Ellen Solomon   203-785-5681  
 Internal Medicine    
 Cardiology   Gina LaFrance   203-785-7842  
 All other sections   Joyce Dupee   203-737-5848  
 Laboratory Medicine   Lauren Bedini   203-785-4763  
 Neurology   Shelia MacMillan   203-785-6351  
 Neurosurgery   Michelle Vallati   203-737-2020  
 Obstetrics & Gynecology 
 Maternal-Fetal Medicine   Elaine Alegi   203-737-5218  
 Gyne Onc/UroGynecology   Renee Luongo   203-737-5225  
 REI New Physicians  Robin Vollono   203-737-5619  
 REI Recred Physicians  Jeannine Estrada   203-764-5866  
 Ophthalmology   Sarah Gelo   203-785-3360  
 Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation   Connie Rinaldi   203-737-5660  
 Pathology   Jo-Ann D'Agostino   203-785-3624  
 Pediatrics   Mary Keenan   203-785-6668  
 Psychiatry   Karen Robitaille   203-785-2117  
 Surgery    Susan Riggs   203-785-6931  
 Almira Ruby Grande 203-737-2170
 Therapeutic Radiology   Tasha Santacroce 203-737-4064  
 Yale Behavioral Health Services    Susan Brown   203-288-6523  
 Tatiana Curtis     203-288-6523  
 Yale Cancer Center   Dee Radziunas   203-785-6208  
 Yale School of Nursing    Martha Swartz   203-737-2549  
 Ann Thompson 203-737-5700

Reviewing YMG provider-specific information.

The YMG Credentialing Office has developed a secure website with NPIs, license numbers and expiration dates, YMG credentialed date, and government and commercial carrier Provider IDs and Effective Dates.

MCCs can click here for provider information to check on the status of their providers.

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