Managed Care Coordinators

Each clinical department has a Managed Care Coordinator (MCC) who serves as the departmental liaison with the YMG Credentialing & Provider Relations office. The MCC is responsible for facilitating the credentialing and application process.

 Department   Coordinator  Phone
 Anesthesiology   Kelly
 Judy Smith   785-2802  
 Child Study Center   Rosemary Serra   785-5759  
 Dermatology   Lauren Bedini   785-4763  
 Diagnostic Imaging   Carol Lam   785-5253  
 Emergency Medicine   Jamie Petrone-Codington   785-4404  
 Genetics   Ellen Solomon   785-5681  
 Internal Medicine    
 Cardiology   Gina LaFrance   785-7842  
 All other sections   Joyce Dupee   737-5848  
 Laboratory Medicine   Lauren Bedini   785-4763  
 Neurology   Shelia MacMillan   785-6351  
 Neurosurgery   Michelle Vallati   737-2020  
 Obstetrics & Gynecology 
 Maternal-Fetal Medicine   Elaine Alegi   737-5218  
 Gyne Onc/Uro
 Renee Luongo   737-5225  
 REI New Physicians  Robin
 REI Recred Physicians  Jeannine
 Ophthalmology   Sarah Gelo   785-3360  
 Orthopaedics &
 Connie Rinaldi   737-5660  
 Pathology   Jo-Ann
 Pediatrics   Mary Keenan   785-6668  
 Psychiatry   Karen Robitaille   785-2117  
 Surgery   Susan Riggs   785-6931  
  Almira Ruby Grande 737-2170
 Therapeutic Radiology   Tasha
 Yale Behavioral Health
 Susan Brown   288-6523  
  Tatiana Curtis     288-6523  
 Yale Cancer Center   Dee Radziunas   785-6208  
 Yale School of Nursing   Martha Swartz   737-2549  
  Ann Thompson 737-5700