YMG Credentialing Committee

The YMG Credentialing Committee meets monthly as part of credentialing oversight.

Lars Helgeson, MD  Anesthesiology  
Robert King, MD  Child Study Center  
Andrew Haims, MD  Diagnostic Radiology  
Wayne Kubal, MDDiagnostic Radiology
Lynda E. Rosenfeld, MD  Internal Medicine & Cardiology  
Mark Siegel, MD  Internal Medicine-Pulmonary Medicine  
Henry Rinder, MD   Laboratory Medicine  
Hari Deshpande, MD  Medical Oncology
Steven Novella, MD  Neurology  
Charles Duncan, MD  Neurosurgery  
Richard Bercik, MD  Obstetrics and Gynecology  
Kathleen Stoessel, MD  Ophthalmology  
Michael Baumgaertner, MD  Orthopaedics  
Mark Mercurio, MD  Pediatrics 
Andrew Duffy, MD  Pediatrics-Neurosurgery  
Jeanne Steiner, DO  Psychiatry  
David J. Leffell, MD  Yale Medical Group  
Ron Vender, MD  Yale Medical Group  
Teri Stone-Godena, CNM  Yale School of Nursing