Physician On-Boarding

A.  The process of on-boarding a new physician involves many steps starting months prior to the physician's arrival at Yale Medical Group (YMG). The steps involved include: the hiring appointment process, credentialing, department/section administrative tasks, and the physician's responsibilities on the first day of employment.

B.  Faculty Hiring Appointment Process (EXHIBIT A)

  1. The faculty hiring appointment process is coordinated among the hiring department, the Office of the Deputy Dean of Academic and Scientific Affairs, and the Office for Faculty Affairs.
  2. The process is divided into four categories:
    a. Selection and hiring of ladder faculty
    b. Selection and hiring of non-ladder faculty
    c. Selection and hiring of clinicians
    d. Academic appointment process for ladder faculty
  3. For faculty hiring appointment questions, physicians should contact the Yale School of Medicine Office for Faculty Affairs (203-785-4670 or

C.  Credentialing (EXHIBIT B)

  1. In order for physicians to begin their clinical practice, they must be approved for credentialing by YMG Credentialing and Yale-New Haven Hospital (YNHH) Department of Physician Services.
  2. Physicians should be advised of credentialing as soon as possible since credentialing takes approximately 20-30 weeks if arriving outside of CT without any documents, 4-6 weeks if only missing YNHH privileges, or 1-2 weeks if they have YNHH privileges and all other documents.
  3. For credentialing questions, contact Virginia Castaneda (203-785-7998 or

D.  Department/Section Administration Responsibilities (EXHIBIT C)

  1. The business office within the department or section will be responsible for assisting the new physician prior to arrival.
  2. Some areas where the business office will be providing assistance to incoming physicians include the following areas:
    a. Administrative
    b. Computer system access
    c. Training
    d. Billing and purchasing

E.  Physician's First Day of Employment (EXHIBIT D)

  1. Physicians should visit their department or section business office during their first day on campus to complete several responsibilities, such as the following (click here for more details):
    a. Completing the I-9 form, Employment Eligibility Verification
    b. Signing up for health benefits
    c. Completing the Training Management System (TMS) survey
    d. Obtaining a parking permit
    e. Getting Yale University and YNHH IDs
    f. Scheduling a portrait photo


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