Viewing Images in GE Centricity (EDM)
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This tutorial demonstrates the new action available in patient inquiry invoices used for viewing insurer remits on line.

GE Centricity

GE Centricity Functionality Overview
This tutorial provides an overview of the GE system's functionality. This tutorial can be viewed at any time.

Initial GE Centricity Business Log in
This tutorial show users how to log into GE Centricity for the first time.

Initial Web GE Centricity Business Log in
This tutorial show users how to log into GE Centricity’s web product for the first time.

Logging into YAM (Yale Administrative Menu)

This tutorial shows YSM GE Centricity users how to access the Yale Administrative Menu (YAMs)


Copying a Master Setting 
This tutorial show scheduling users how to copy a master setting view in scheduler.

Creating a New View
This tutorial show scheduling users how to create a unique view setting in scheduler.

YMG Practices

Managed Care Report (Clinical Depts)

Centricity users with referrals access use the managed care report to ensure patients obtain referrals if necessary. This tutorial provides an in depth look into the managed care report’s use and accessibility in GE Centricity web.

emptyMissing Charges Report (Clinical Depts)
Biller’s use the missing charges report to ensure accuracy. This tutorial demonstrates accessing the missing charges report in GE Centricity web.


Multi invoice FSC Transfer Character Cell(PFS Only)

Multi invoice FSC Transfer Web
With access to this BAR functionality users can change multiples FSCs on a patient's account simultaneously.

External Websites

Medicaid Website
The Medicaid website tutorial shows users how to log into the new Medicaid website for the first time and update security options.