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GE Centricity

Logging into GE Character Cell
Logging into GE Web
Application Job Aids Training Manuals


EDM Viewing a Scanned Image Manual not available
  Document Search  
ETM Viewing Tasks Character Cell Manual not available
  Viewing Tasks Web  
Front Desk empty Front Desk
Patient Inquiry

Guided Filter Character Cell

Patient Inquiry Character Cell

Guided Filter Web

Patient Inquiry Web
Post Receipts Paycode Quick Sheet Post Receipts
  Electronic Payment Posting  
Referrals Add/Edit Managed Care Report Referrals Add/Edit
Registration Add/Edit Eligibility Requests Web Registration Add/Edit
  Eligibility Requests CC  
  Grouped Eligibility Requests  
Registration Updating Eligibility Requests Registration Updating
TES Charge Entry   TES Charge Entry


Paperless Collections System Unsecured Action Codes Paperless Collections System



Setting a View

Scheduling Add/Edit
Scheduling Maintenance   Scheduling Maintenance
Scheduling Refresher   Scheduling Refresher

Precision BI

Logging into PBI Canned Reports Definitions PBI Manual
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