A warm welcome to Yale Medical Group’s newest physicians

More than 100 new recruits should be credentialed by the end of the year

Yale Medical Group (YMG) welcomes the most doctors in late summer/early fall. This year more than 100 physicians are joining the clinical faculty from Connecticut and throughout the country, and they are bringing new skills and experience. The latest group includes members of The Urology Group, a community practice that joined YMG this summer.

Please click on the doctors' names to see their profiles and learn more about their clinical interests, education, training and other background. We will continue to announce new doctors in the next few months.



Jose E. Santoro, MD

Assistant professor

Clinical Interests: Pediatric anesthesia, pediatric cardiac anesthesia…

Email:  jose.santoro@yale.edu

Donna-Ann M Thomas, MD

Assistant professor, division chief of pain medicine

Clinical Interests: Adult pain, pediatric pain…

Email:  donna.thomas@yale.edu



Christopher Bunick, MD, PhD


Clinical Interests: Skin cancer, dermatologic surgery…

Email:  christopher.bunick@yale.edu

Sean Ryan Christensen, MD, PhD


Clinical Interests: Skin cancer, Mohs micrographic surgery…

Email:  sean.christensen@yale.edu

Bhaskar Srivastava, MD, PhD

Assistant professor

Clinical Interests: General dermatology…

Email:  bhaskar.srivastava@yale.edu


Diagnostic Radiology


Demetrius Dicks, MD

Assistant professor, thoracic and cardiac imaging

Clinical Interests: Thoracic oncology, interstitial lung disease…

Email:  demetrius.dicks@yale.edu

Jonathan Killam, MD

Assistant professor, thoracic radiology

Clinical Interests: Pulmonary vascular disease, interstitial lung disease…

Email:  jonathan.killam@yale.edu

Emergency Medicine


Douglas Bernstein, MD

Clinical instructor

Clinical Interests: Critical care and resuscitation, trauma, toxicology…

Email:  douglas.bernstein@yale.edu

Drake Coffey, MD

Instructor, ultrasound fellow

Clinical Interests: Ultrasound…

Email:  elcentro.coffey@yale.edu

Chrisnel Jean, DO


Clinical Interests: Emergency medicine…

Email:  chrisnel.jean@yale.edu

Ashley Crimmins, MD

Instructor, education/simulation fellow

Clinical Interests: Emergency medical services for all ages…

Email:  ashley.crimmins@yale.edu

Michael Hall, MD

Instructor, ultrasound fellow

Clinical Interests: Physician-performed point-of-care ultrasonography…

Email:  m.kennedy.hall@yale.edu

David Harriman, MD, MBA

Associate Director, Emergency Department St. Raphael's Campus

Clinical Interests: Acute care, adult emergency medicine…

Email:  david.harriman@yale.edu

Alison Schroth Hayward, MD


Clinical Interests: Sepsis, urologic emergencies…

Email:  alison.hayward@yale.edu

Ian Medoro, MD

Instructor and EMS fellow

Clinical Interests: Paramedic education…

Email:  ian.medoro@yale.edu

Ann Merritt, MD


Clinical Interests: Emergency medicine…

Email:  anne.merritt@yale.edu

Vinu Verghese, DO, MS


Clinical Interests: Pharmacology, digital medical information…

Email:  vinu.verghese@yale.edu

Internal Medicine


Won-Kyung Cho, MD

Instructor, pulmonary

Clinical Interests: General pulmonary and critical medicine…

Email:  won-kyung.cho@yale.edu

Brinda Emu, MD

Assistant professor, infectious diseases

Clinical Interests: HIV/AIDS, general infectious diseases…

Email:  brinda.emu@yale.edu

James Farrell, MD

Clinician, director or the Yale Center for Pancreatic Diseases

Clinical Interests: Interventional endoscopy program, gastrointestinal cancer program…

Email:  james.j.farrell@yale.edu

Melissa Knauert, MD, PhD

Instructor, pulmonary

Clinical Interests: Critical care medicine, pulmonary medicine…

Email:  melissa.knauert@yale.edu

Rafael Yitzhak Lefkowitz, MD, MPH

Instructor, occupational medicine

Clinical Interests: Occupational toxicology, environmental toxicology…

Email:  rafael.lefkowitz@yale.edu

Randy Luciano, MD, PhD

Instructor, nephrology

Clinical Interests: Chronic kidney disease care and management, hypertension…

Email:  randy.luciano@yale.edu

Tao Zheng, MD

Associate professor, chief of allergy and clinical immunology

Clinical Interests: Adverse reactions to food and drugs, allergic conjunctivitis…

Email:  tao.zheng@yale.edu




Benison Keung, MD


Clinical Interests: Neuromuscular disorders, peripheral neuropathy…

Email:  benison.keung@yale.edu

Hamada Hamid, DO

Assistant professor, neurology and psychiatry

Clinical Interests: Epilepsy, neuropsychiatric diseases…

Email:  hamada.hamid@yale.edu

Ana Claire Meyer, MD

Assistant professor

Clinical Interests: Neurological infections, HIV/AIDS…

Email:  ana-clair.meyer@yale.edu

Jeremy Moeller, MD

Assistant professor

Clinical Interests: Pharmacological treatment of epilepsy, electroencephalography…

Email:  jeremy.moeller@yale.edu

Obstetrics & Gynecology


Katherine Campbell, MD

Assistant professor

Clinical Interests: Preconcepton counseling, medical complications of pregnancy…

Email:  katherine.campbell@yale.edu

Linda Fan, MD

Assistant professor; director, gynecology section

Clinical Interests: Fibroids, benign ovarian masses…

Email:  linda.fan@yale.edu



Alexa Siddon, MD

Instructor, pathology and laboratory medicine

Clinical Interests: Hematopathology, benign pathology…

Email:  alexa.siddon@yale.edu

Karin Elisabeth Finberg, MD, PhD

Assistant professor

Clinical Interests: Molecular diagnostic testing for inherited disorders…

Email:  karin.finberg@yale.edu



Olivera Couloures, MD

Assistant professor, pediatric nephrology

Clinical Interests: Pediatric dialysis, chronic kidney disease…

Email:  olivera.couloures@yale.edu

Emily Greenstein, MD

Clinician, pediatric cardiology

Clinical Interests: General pediatric cardiology, congenital heart disease…

Email:  emily.greenstein@yale.edu

Linda Huh, MD

Assistant professor, neurology and pediatrics (neurology)

Clinical Interests: Pediatric neurology, pediatric epilepsy…

Email:  linda.huh@yale.edu




Glenda Callender, MD

Associate professor (endocrine/general surgery); director, surgical oncology clinical trials

Clinical Interests: Endocrine surgery; surgery of the thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal gland and endocrine pancreas…

Email:  glenda.callender@yale.edu

Dale Han, MD

Assistant professor (oncology)

Clinical Interests: Melanoma, Merkel cell carcinoma…

Email:  dale.han@yale.edu

J. Gary Kaml, MD

Assistant professor; director, emergency general surgery for HSR

Clinical Interests: Trauma care, general surgery…

Email:  gary.kaml@yale.edu

Geoffrey Scott Nadzam, MD

Assistant professor; site director, surgical residency program and HSR bariatric surgery program

Clinical Interests: Weight loss surgery, laparoscopic gastric bypass…

Email:  geoffrey.nadzam@yale.edu

Courtney Elizabeth Quinn, MD, MS

Assistant professor, endocrine surgery

Clinical Interests: Endocrine surgery, surgery of the thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal grand, endocrine pancreas…

Email:  courtney.quinn@yale.edu



The Department of Urology is growing. The first eight clinicians are members of The Urology Center, a community practice that recently joined YMG. The Urology Center has offices at YNHH's Saint Raphael Campus, as well as in Hamden, Madison and West Haven. In addition to the new community practice, YMG welcomes five additional physicians to urology.

Richard Dean, MD


Clinical Interests: Kidney stones, erectile dysfunction…

Email:  richard.dean@yale.edu

Ralph DeVito, MD


Clinical Interests: Prostate cancer, bladder cancer…

Email:  ralph.devito@yale.edu

David G. Hesse, MD


Clinical Interests: Urologic oncology, robotic surgery…

Email:  david.hesse@yale.edu

Stanton Honig, MD


Clinical Interests: Male infertility, vasectomy reversal…

Email:  stanton.honig@yale.edu

Thomas V. Martin, MD


Clinical Interests: Minimally-invasive surgery, endourology…

Email:  thomas.martin@yale.edu

Mary Grey Maher, MD


Clinical Interests: Stress incontinence, urgency incontinence…

Email:  mgrey.maher@yale.edu

Jessica Fredeen, PA-C


Clinical Interests: Kidney stones, urinary retention…

Email:  jessica.fredeen@yale.edu

Cynthia Curto, APRN


Clinical Interests: Prostate cancer…

Email:  cynthia.curto@yale.edu

Leslie Minor Rickey, MD, PhD


Clinical Interests: Urogynecology, urinary incontinence…

Email:  leslie.rickey@yale.edu

James Steven Rosoff, MD

Assistant professor

Clinical Interests: Management of urologic cancers and minimally invasive surgery…

Email:  james.rosoff@yale.edu

Brian Matthew Shuch, MD

Assistant professor

Clinical Interests: Urologic oncology, open and robotic surgery…

Email:  brian.shuch@yale.edu

Patrick A. Kenney, MD

Assistant professor

Clinical Interests: Function and organ-preserving surgery, partial nephrectomy…

Email:  patrick.a.kenney@yale.edu

Simon Kim, MD

Assistant professor

Clinical Interests: Surgical management of bladder, kidney, prostate and testis cancer…

Email:  simon.p.kim@yale.edu