Yale Medical Group welcomes its newest physicians

New recruits are bringing diverse expertise to the practice

Yale Medical Group (YMG) extends a warm welcome to new physicians who are joining the clinical faculty, from Connecticut and throughout the country, bringing new skills and experience in almost every field. Please click on the doctors' names to see their profiles and learn more about their clinical interests, education and training.



Christopher Noto, MD

Assistant professor

Clinical Interests: Back pain, neck pain…

Email:  christopher.noto@yale.edu


Child Study Center


Roger Jou, MD, PhD


Clinical Interests: Autism spectrum disorders, intellectual disability…

Email:  roger.jou@yale.edu


Diagnostic Radiology


Priyanka Deb, MD


Clinical Interests: Emergency radiology…

Email:  priyanka.deb@yale.edu

Lee Greenwood, MD


Clinical Interests: Catheter-directed cancer treatments…

Email:  lee.greenwood@yale.edu

Paul Levesque, MD

Clinician, breast imaging, YNHH Saint Raphael Campus

Clinical Interests: Mammography, breast ultrasound…

Email:  paul.levesque@yale.edu

Mahan Mathur, MD

Assistant professor

Clinical Interests: Computed tomography…

Email:  mahan.mathur@yale.edu

Jignesh Modi, MD

Assistant professor

Clinical Interests: Neuroradiology, emergency radiology…

Email:  jignesh.modi@yale.edu

Diego Nunez, MD, MPH

Professor; vice chairman, YNHH Saint Raphael Campus

Clinical Interests: Diagnostic radiology, neuroradiology …

Email:  diego.nunez@yale.edu

Christine Vetter, MD

Assistant clinical professor

Clinical Interests: ED radiology…

Email:  christine.vetter@yale.edu

Lawrence Saperstein, MD

Chief, nuclear medicine, YNHH Saint Raphael Campus

Clinical Interests: Positron emission tomography, single photo emission CT…

Email:  lawrence.saperstein@yale.edu

Laura Sheiman, MD


Clinical Interests: Screening mammography, diagnostic mammography…

Email:  laura.sheiman@yale.edu

Douglas Silin, MD

Assistant professor, diagnostic radiology; section chief of IR,YNHH Saint Raphael Campus

Clinical Interests: Spine and back, dialysis access procedures…

Email:  douglas.silin@yale.edu

Edward Smitaman, MD

Assistant professor

Clinical Interests: Sports medicine imaging, musculoskeletal anatomy…

Email:  edward.smitaman@yale.edu

Artur Velcani, MD


Clinical Interests: MRI imaging of the brain, CSF-contrast phase imaging…

Email:  artur.velcani@yale.edu

William Zucconi, DO

Assistant professor

Clinical Interests: Diagnostic neuroradiology with emphasis on head and neck imaging…

Email:  william.zucconi@yale.edu


Emergency Medicine


Robert Bayer, MD


Clinical Interests: Surviving sepsis campaign…

Email:  robert.bayer@yale.edu

David Hile, MD


Clinical Interests: resident and medical student education, cardiology…

Email:  david.hile@yale.edu

Hynes Birmingham, MD


Clinical Interests: Emergency medicine operational efficiency and throughput…

Email:  hynes.birmingham@yale.edu

Tyeese Gaines, DO


Clinical Interests: Health literacy, health communication…

Email:  tyeese.gaines@yale.edu

Rene Hipona, MD


Clinical Interests: Critical care, emergency medical services…

Email:  rene.hipona@yale.edu

Roland Jermyn III, MD


Clinical Interests: Patient outcomes, emergency medicine…

Email:  roland.jermyn@yale.edu

Jeffrey Kovar, MD


Clinical Interests: Difficult airway, critical care…

Email:  jeffrey.kovar@yale.edu

Jose Mejia, MD


Clinical Interests: Emergency care…

Email:  jose.mejia@yale.edu

James Wagner, MD


Clinical Interests: Emergency echocardiography, electrocardiography….

Email:  james.wagner@yale.edu

Adam Waltman, MD


Clinical Interests: Emergency medical services…

Email:  adam.waltman@yale.edu

David Young, MD


Clinical Interests: Urgent care, occupational medicine…

Email:  david.young@yale.edu

Daniel Vining, MD


Clinical Interests: Fecal transplant, cisplatin ototoxicity…

Email:  daniel.vining@yale.edu

Hani Mowafi, MD, MPH


Clinical Interests: Trauma, injury…

Email:  hani.mowafi@yale.edu


Internal Medicine


Clemente Britto-Leon, MD

Instructor, pulmonary

Clinical Interests: Cystic fibrosis; asthma; airway diseases…

Email:  clemente.britto@yale.edu

Caroline Cromwell, MD


Clinical Interests: Adult hematology, anemia…

Email:  caroline.cromwell@yale.edu

Nihar Desai, MD, MPH

Assistant professor, cardiology

Clinical Interests: Coronary artery disease, acute coronary syndromes…

Email:  nihar.desai@yale.edu

Clare Flannery, MD

Assistant professor, reproductive endocrinology

Clinical Interests: Diabetes mellitus, pre-diabetes…

Email:  clare.flannery@yale.edu

James Freeman, MD

Assistant professor, cardiology

Clinical Interests: Supraventricular tachycardia (SVT), atrial fibrillation …

Email:  james.freeman@yale.edu

Joseph Kim, MD

Assistant professor, oncology, urology

Clinical Interests: Prostate cancer, bladder cancer…

Email:  joseph.w.kim@yale.edu

Grace Lee, MD

Instructor, endocrinology

Clinical Interests: Osteoporosis; primary hyperparathyroidism…

Email:  grace.lee@yale.edu

Laura Morrison, MD

Director of Hospice and Palliative Care Education and Director of the Palliative Medicine Fellowship

Clinical Interests: Palliative care, geriatric medicine…

Email:  laura.morrison@yale.edu

Sara Mougalian, MD

Assistant professor, medical oncology

Clinical Interests: Breast cancer, ductal carcinoma in situ…

Email:  sarah.mougalian@yale.edu

Lisa Puglisi, MD

Assistant professor, internal medicine

Clinical Interests: Diabetes, hypertension…

Email:  lisa.puglisi@yale.edu

Erica Spatz, MD, MHS

Assistant professor, cardiology

Clinical Interests: General cardiology, shared decision-making…

Email:  erica.spatz@yale.edu

Njeri Thande, MD

Assistant professor, cardiology

Clinical Interests: Clinical cardiology, preventive cardiology…

Email:  njeri.thande@yale.edu



Christina Azevedo, MD

Assistant professor

Clinical Interests: Multiple sclerosis (MS), neuroimmunology…

Email:  christina.azevedo@yale.edu

Brian Koo, MD


Clinical Interests: Sleep medicine, restless legs syndrome…

Email:  brian.koo@yale.edu



Jennifer Moliterno, MD

Assistant professor

Clinical Interests: Surgical treatment of all brain and spinal cord tumors, neuro-oncology…

Email:  jennifer.moliternogunel@yale.edu

Debra Petrucci, MD


Clinical Interests: Degenerative spine disease, back and neck pain…

Email:  debra.petrucci@yale.edu

Obstetrics & Gynecology


Vrunda Desai, MD

Assistant professor

Clinical Interests: Fibroid uteri, abnormal PAP testing…

Email:  vrunda.desai@yale.edu

Sangini Sheth, MD

Assistant professor

Clinical Interests: Minimally invasive gynecologic procedures, da Vinci robotic surgery…

Email:  sangini.sheth@yale.edu

Ernest Topran, MD


Clinical Interests: Obstetrics, menstrual dysfunction…

Email:  ernest.topran@yale.edu

Leonard Zamore, MD


Clinical Interests: Laproscopic surgery, obstetrics, infertility, fibroids...

Email:  leonard.zamore@yale.edu



Ji Liu, MD

Assistant professor

Clinical Interests: Glaucoma, cataract, anterior segment disorders…

Email:  liu.ji@yale.edu




Felicity Fishman, MD

Assistant professor

Clinical Interests: Hand surgery, congenital hand differences, birth brachial plexus palsy…

Email:  felicity.fishman@yale.edu

Elizabeth Gardner, MD

Assistant professor

Clinical Interests: Sports medicine, arthroscopy…

Email:  elizabeth.gardner@yale.edu



Angelica Badaru, MD

Assistant professor

Clinical Interests: Endocrinology, growth and puberty…

Email:  angela.badaru@yale.edu

Craig Canapari, MD

Assistant professor, pediatric respiratory, medical director, Pediatric Sleep Program

Clinical Interests: Asthma, chronic cough, non-respiratory sleep problems…

Email:  craig.canapari@yale.edu

Kevin Couloures, MD

Clinician; director, pediatric sedation service

Clinical Interests: Diagnosis and management of infants, life-threatening medical and surgical problems…

Email:  kevin.couloures@yale.edu

Robert Elder, MD

Assistant professor, pediatric cardiology and medical cardiology

Clinical Interests: Adult congenital heart disease, echocardiography…

Email:  robert.elder@yale.edu

Beth Emerson, MD

Assistant professor, pediatric emergency medicine

Clinical Interests: Quality and safety, mental health…

Email:  beth.emerson@yale.edu

Ramneet Gill, MD

Assistant professor, respiratory and sleep medicine

Clinical Interests: Asthma, bronchopulmonary dysplasia, cystic fibrosis…

Email:  ranneet.gill@yale.edu

Katherine Hesse, MD

Clinical instructor

Clinical Interests: Procedural sedation, QI, asthma care…

Email:  katherine.hesse@yale.edu

Suzanne Bonnie Mackenzie, MD

Clinician, pediatric cardiology

Clinical Interests: General pediatric cardiology, congenital  heart disease…

Email:  bonnie.mackenzie@yale.edu

Asher Marks, MD

Assistant professor, pediatric hematology/oncology and director, pediatric neuro-oncology

Clinical Interests: General oncology, general hematology…

Email:  asher.marks@yale.edu

Naila Makhani, MD

Assistant professor, pediatric neurology

Clinical Interests: Child Neurology, demyelinating diseases…

Email:  naila.makhani@yale.edu

Rebecca Moles, MD

Assistant professor, associate medical director, child abuse programs

Clinical Interests: Physical abuse, sexual abuse…

Email:  rebecca.moles@yale.edu

Gunjan Tiyyagura, MD

Assistant professor, pediatric emergency medicine

Clinical Interests: Child abuse and neglect, education…

Email:  gunjan.kamdar@yale.edu



Lara Chepenik, MD, PhD

Assistant professor

Clinical Interests: Emergency psychiatry, mood disorders…

Email:  lara.chepenik@yale.edu




Sajid Khan, MD

Assistant professor, surgical oncology

Clinical Interests: Surgical oncology; malignant (cancerous) and pre-malignant diseases of the liver, bile ducts, gallbladder, pancreas, duodenum, stomach and esophagus…

Email:  sajid.khan@yale.edu

Saral Mehra, MD

Assistant professor, surgery (otolaryngology)

Clinical Interests: Head and neck cancer, facial reconstruction…

Email:  saral.mehra@yale.edu

David Stitelman, MD


Clinical Interests: Minimally invasive surgery, pediatric surgical oncology…

Email:  david.stitelman@yale.edu

George Yavorek, MD


Clinical Interests: Colorectal cancer, diverticular disease…

Email:  george.yavorek@yale.edu