Yale Practice January 2013


New COO talks about his role and how he sees the practice changing

As the new chief operating officer of the clinical practice, Fred Borrelli is doing the same thing he’s done for several years in the Department of Surgery: being a champion of service. One of his goals is to achieve more consistency in the way patient care is delivered.


Epic team is ready to flip a big switch in February

The “Big Bang” is coming on February 1. That’s the day when Yale-New Haven Hospital and virtually all remaining Yale Medical Group practices, including 950 doctors, as well as other providers and staffers, go live with the Epic electronic medical record.


Prelude and Cadence will ease scheduling, registration

As practices gear up for February’s massive go-live, it would be easy to overlook two other key parts of the electronic medical record that are about to be implemented. Prelude and Cadence will help make everything part of “one patient, one record.”


Yale’s clinical practice welcomes its newest physicians

In the last few months, new doctors from around the country have been arriving at Yale to work in diagnostic radiology, neurology and other areas of the practice. Their skills and expertise will mean even better care for our patients.


Staff spotlight: Renee Luongo is a master organizer

Yale Practice will be checking in on the people who manage and direct the many different areas of our clinical practice. Renee Luongo has an impressive reputation for her work in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences.