Yale Practice January 2012


Q&A: Steven Schlossberg

This year, the chief medical information officer’s advice to employees is to master the new electronic medical record. He says the data shows that the most successful users are those who focus on the training classes and practice on their own to learn the application.

MyChart - Summary

MyChart brings providers, patients closer together

The new electronic medical record includes a significant new benefit for patients: Thanks to a new application called MyChart, they will be able to sit down at their home computer, or pull out their iPad, iPhone or Android, to access aspects of their personal health records.

Harry Aslanian - Summary

Physician at Work: Using endoscopy for better outcomes

Gastroenterologist Harry Aslanian, MD, enjoyed playing the early Atari video games in his youth. This may have contributed to the excellent hand-eye coordination that now make him a sought-after expert in complex endoscopy procedures.

Farooque - Summary

Yale Medical Group welcomes more talented new physicians

Yale Medical Group recently welcomed several new physicians in fields ranging from pulmonary medicine to pathology. The latest group includes a new chief of elbow and shoulder surgery, and other experts who will round out the practice with their background, skills and expertise.