Yale Practice December 2012


Yale Medical Group congratulates its first Outstanding Employee

Orimena Givens was a stay-at-home mom when she started to think about ways to contribute outside of her home. She became a medical assistant, and 13 years later she is being honored for setting an outstanding example of providing thoughtful, compassionate care.


As Sandy approached, staff’s priority was patient safety

As Hurricane Sandy approached the Northeast, it was clear to Yale Medical Group administrators that Monday, October 29, would not be business as usual. Making it work took planning, meetings, phone calls and lots of cancellations for concerned patients.


Yale Medical Group announces a new core leadership group

As Yale Medical Group (YMG) continues to grow as a practice, a new core leadership group has been formed. It includes six administrators, each of whom will focus on a different key area to bring a new level of efficiency to the business of patient care.


New chair Hugh Taylor, MD, is ready to make changes

Hugh S. Taylor, MD, who has been involved with Yale since he was an undergraduate here, is excited about his new leadership role in obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive sciences. His goal is a department that takes responsibility for the generations to come.


Yale’s clinical practice welcomes more new physicians

In the last few months, new doctors from around the country have been arriving at Yale to work in cardiology, infectious diseases, ophthalmology and other areas of the practice. Their skills and expertise will mean more options for our patients.


Physician at Work: Passion for diagnosing infectious disease

In 2001, Lydia Barakat, MD, was working at Griffin Hospital when a woman came in complaining of abdominal pain. When she looked at the woman’s blood culture, Dr. Barakat could hardly believe what she was seeing: it appeared to be the deadly anthrax bacteria.

Please help us find an outstanding account assistant

It’s time to cast a vote for the next Outstanding Employee. This time we’re looking for an outstanding account assistant.

Yale Medical Group wants to highlight the many ways members of our staff work in different capacities to contribute to providing thoughtful compassionate care, Next we will recognize an account assistant who is providing exceptional service in cashiering, collections, insurance follow-up, patient services or registration. We want to find someone who exceeds routine expectations and who makes the work day more pleasant.

You can nominate an outstanding account assistant by filling out the Outstanding Employee Nomination Form and submitting it by January 11. A special committee will choose the winner, and that person will be announced in this newsletter. We will provide breakfast for the Outstanding Employee and his or her coworkers.