Yale Practice Archive

July/August 2003 - January 1999

July - August 2003

  • NYC Loves YMG Docs
  • Patient Satisfaction Surveys Plot Roadmap to Success
  • Apkon Joins Board of Governors
  • Eighth Exhibit Calls for New Art

June 2003

  • Heart Failure Program Scores High in Patient Satisfaction
  • Evans Assumes YMG Leadership Role
  • Edelson to Head Yale Cancer Center
  • Five Department Approach 100% Target

May 2003

  • Twelve Areas Beat Practice Average in Patient Satisfaction
  • YMG Plans Presence in Shoreline Medical Facility
  • New Neurology Prof Tackles Movement Disorders
  • Restaurants, Broadway, YMG in Same Boat: No Show, No Cash

April 2003

  • Chief Privacy Officer to Oversee HIPAA
  • HIPAA Bits and Bytes
  • HIPAA Rules at YMG
  • Work done, COIC Morphs into QHIM
  • Notice of Privacy Practices

March 2003

  • YMG to Craft Web Presence
  • HIPAA Training with Special Focus on Front Desk Staff
  • What Does Yale Share with Muhimbili Hospital, Tanzania?

February 2003

  • Brink to Lead Diagnostic Radiology
  • Applera, PwC and YMG
  • Seventh Art Place Exhibit Begins on May Day
  • Monitoring Metrics Makes Money
  • Physicians Needed to Mentor Aspiring Pre-Medical Undergraduates

January 2003

  • HIPAA Looms Large: Nation and Yale to Train on Aggressive Schedule
  • Udelsman Assesses Present, Focuses on Future
  • Compliance Expo Brings It All Together March 11, 2003

November -Dec. 2002

  • Service Excellence: A Dialogue with our Patients
  • Glazer Assumes Chair in Therapeutic Radiology
  • Surgery Continues to Recruit New Expertise
  • YMG Celebrates One of its Own
  • YSM Drills Down on 10-Year Strategic Plan, Amistad
  • Don't Lag Behind
  • Endless Possibilities
  • Congratulations to Surgery!

October 2002

  • New Peds Chair Shapes Strategy
  • Spine Surgeon Studies New Disc Replacement
  • Surgery Recruits Breast and Peds Experts
  • New YMG Guide Distributed

September 2002

  • Docs and Patients to Link On-Line
  • Board Seats New Members
  • YMG Interprets Regs: Faculty Must Comply with ADA
  • Sasaki, Spiteri Find Compliance Rewarding
  • Yale Physicians Building Art Place

August 2002

  • New Strategy Boosts Cash
  • Second Cycle Clinical Program Development Fund Awards
  • Lockwood Returns to Build Ob/Gyn Service Model

June 2002

  • Second Board of Governors Elections Scheduled for June
  • Kazdin Appointed Chair of Child Study Center
  • Future Site of Amistad Clinical Building

May 2002

  • HIPAA Is Real and It's Almost Here: What Next?
  • Amistad to Set Standard for Clinical Care Facilities
  • New Spine Surgeon Joins Orthopaedics
  • Missing ChargesL When Zero Tolerance Means Cash In

April 2002

  • America's Top Doctors Guide Honors 100 YMG Physicians
  • Clinical Program Model Committee on Aggressive Schedule with Challenges and Opportunities
  • New Physician: Stuart Katz
  • Seeing Clearly

March 2002

  • Amistad Building Design to Support New Clinical Practice Model
  • Neurology Pilots EMR
  • Call for Nominations for the YMG Board of Directors
  • Michael Apkon, MD, Named Medical Director for NCPDF Business Planning

February 2002

  • Yale Surgeons Top New York List
  • Remember the Professor, the Skipper, and Gilligan, Too?
  • Lung Expert Joins YMG
  • Neurology Offers Botulinum Program
  • PFS Management and Staff Team Up to Raise Roof
  • Artplace Calls for Art

January 2002

  • Smith to Lead Contracting Committee at Critical Time
  • When the Trauma Lingers
  • Radiologist Focuses on Children
  • Cure for Glazed Eyes and Yawning
  • Confidential Papers - Tear Them to Shreds!
  • Fourth Exhibit Highlighted by Diversity

November 2001

  • Problems are Opportunities
  • Inzucchi Publishes Acclaimed Diabetes Guide
  • How to Get the Word Out ... YMG Offers New Transcription Offer
  • We Have a New Identity. Now What?
  • New Physicians at Yale Medical Group

September -October 2001

  • New Physicians at Yale Medical Group
  • When Referrals Matter
  • Tips for a Successful Practice

August 2001

  • YMG Ends Year on High Note
  • YMG Physicians to Tackle Pain Management in the ED
  • GI Doc Nabs Top Law School Honors
  • Lupus Clinic Opens This Summer

July 2001

  • Ophthalmology and Reimbursement Team Up for Success
  • New Chairman of Surgery Joins Yale
  • YSM to Require Data and Safety Monitoring Plans for Clinical Research

June 2001

  • New Yale Medical Group Physician to Head Bridgeport Hospital Pathology
  • Office of Grants and Contracts Begins New Training Seminars
  • Strugar Offers Pain Relief for Osteoporosis Patients
  • YMG Administration Successfully Reduces Assessment

April 2001

  • New Clinical Program Development Fund Awards
  • Yale Medical Group Training Center
  • Yale Pathology 2001 Calendar

March 2001

  • What's In a Name?
  • New Board of Governors Member Elected
  • ACD System Dramatically Decreases Drop Call Rates
  • Physicians Join Yale Perinatal Medicine

January 2001

  • Yale Medical Group and Office of Grants and Contracts to focus on Increased Clinical Trial Activity
  • Yale Physicians Building Scores High on Tenant Satisfaction Survey
  • New Format for Medical Billing Compliance Training
  • Detlef Bockenhauer, M.D. joins the Yale Section of Pediatric Nephrology.
  • What Our Patients are Telling Us
  • Calling All Quilters

January 2000

  • Practicing at Yale in 2000: Yale Physicians Talk About Success in the Academic Practice Setting
  • Roseman Takes Key Operations Role
  • What Our Patients are Telling Us
  • Lewis Kass New Director of Pediatric Sleep Laboratory
  • Patients Relations Toll-Free Access

February 2000

  • Yale Medical Group Moves to New Quarters
  • Yale Medical Group Operating Principles
  • Board Elections Create Opportunities
  • Board of Governors Election
  • Business and Strategic Focus to Help Practice Grow

March 2000

  • YFP Seats First Elected Board
  • Clinical Initiatives Subcommittee Facilitates Clinical Practice Development
  • Leave the Dinner Plates at Home
  • YFP Commits to Save the Planet
  • Yale Physician Compliance Training Reminder
  • What Our Patients are Telling Us

April 2000

  • 1999 Patient Survey Results Are In
  • YPB Designated As Art Space: Exhibit Opens in June
  • Recycling Program Going Green in YPB
  • Pediatric Office Opens Doors in Greenwich
  • What Our Patients are Telling Us

May 2000

  • Medical Center Readies for Confidentiality Mandate
  • The Anatomy of Contracting
  • Survey Highlights Best Practices
  • What Has the Biggest Impact on Patient Satisfaction?
  • What Our Patients are Telling Us
  • Save This Date
  • Have You Completed Your Compliance Training?

June 2000

  • Charge Corrections Campaign Improves Reimbursement
  • CoPays: Make it Simple Every Time
  • Committee Facilitates YFP Contracting
  • Building Services & Operations Team Part of the YFP Family

July - August 2000

  • Art Space Exhibit Transforms YPB
  • Ophthalmology Space Renovation Underway
  • Looking for a Few Good Comments
  • Marketing and Planning Database Now Available
  • Contest Builds Awareness for Pathologists
  • Guide Showcases Medical Center
  • Calling All Quilters

September 2000

  • Laser Vision Correction Approved for Astigmatism and Farsightedness
  • Art Exhibit Opens September 22
  • Yale Physicians Named Among the Best
  • Ophthalmology PhoneMakeover in Progress
  • Yale Clinical Services Named Best in U.S.
  • Gregory Plautz, M.D. joins Yale Section of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology

October 2000

  • Practice Standards Provide Blueprint for Ophthalmology Access
  • Employee Health Office Opens in YPB
  • In Memory of Philip Kraker, D.O.
  • Pediatric Cardiology Expands
  • Shachar Tauber, M.D. named Director of the Yale Corneal and Refractive Surgery Service.
  • New Haven Artists Open Studios
  • Calling All Quilters

November 2000

  • November is Diabetic Eye Care Month
  • Pediatric Cardiologist Focuses on Arrhythmia Management and Pacing
  • Hand and Upper Extremity Center Innovates Surgical Options
  • Billing Compliance Training Schedule announced
  • Holiday Food Drive Underway
  • New Sleep Medicine Center Opens

Dec. 2000

  • Treating Cataracts: Comparing the Options
  • the Spark of Innovation
  • Lag Days Show Who Bills Fast or Slow
  • Yale Dialysis Practice Opens in Branford
  • Yale Physicians Web Site Wins National Award
  • Art Place Applauded by Community
  • Calling All Artists

January 1999

  • New Directions, New Opportunities: A Message from the Director
    of the Yale Medical Group
  • Rimar Appointed Medical Director
  • Adult Primary Care Takes Roots at Yale
  • IDX Implementation A Smooth Success
  • Compliance Hotline Available
  • New Physicians Quizzed on Compliance
  • Retirement Financial Issues to be Addressed
  • 10 Tips for a Healthy Practice in 1999