Yale Practice April 2012


Epic Update - Orthopaedics is feeling great about how far it's come

When orthopaedics went live with the Epic electronic medical record in early March, four practice managers and one physician had a strategy in place that applied what they had learned from their predecessors along with insights from their own staff.

Caty - summary

Michael Caty looks forward to leading pediatric surgery to a new level

The new chief of pediatric surgery joins Yale Medical Group after years at Women’s & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo to take pediatric surgery here to a new level. He is excited about what he described as “a real passion to make things better.”


Moving up: Three employees talk about advancing in their careers

Yale Medical Group takes pride in being a good place to nurture a career with its high expectations, teamwork approach, emphasis on technical and people skills, and generous feedback and training. Three employees describe their experience.

Deborah Proctor - email

Physician at Work: Mixing compassion and care with charity

When the gastroenterologist decided to sponsor a child in Honduras 20 years ago, she had no idea doing so would ignite a passion that would have a profound effect on her life. She is working with patients who are “the poorest of the poor.”