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Since their development in the late 18th century, vaccines have become an integral part of our society’s preventive health care. The first vaccine ever developed targeted smallpox, an infectious disease that has since been eradicated from our entire population. Similarly, other vaccines have significantly reduced the prevalence of many diseases, including polio, measles, mumps, rubella, and chicken pox. To date, there are more than 25 vaccine-preventable diseases according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Unfortunately, there are still many deadly diseases for which we lack a vaccine, including HIV, malaria, Dengue fever, and Ebola. Although huge strides have been made in advancing immunization standards over the past century, it is imperative that we continue to promote vaccine education and research to help develop new and innovative vaccines to attenuate the spread of such deadly diseases. Original cover illustration by Australian artist Jenny Guarino.

The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine is a PubMed-indexed, open access, quarterly journal edited by Yale medical, graduate, and professional students and peer reviewed by an extensive network of experts in the fields of biology and medicine. The journal aims to showcase outstanding research articles from all areas of biology and medicine, to publish significant case reviews, and to provide both perspectives on personal experiences in medicine and reviews of the current state of biology and medicine.

To all interested authors: Starting in June 2015, YJBM will devote entire issues to its focus topics. This means that all manuscripts in an issue will be related to the focus topic. As a result, we will not be considering off-topic manuscripts in the coming months. Please keep an eye out for our future focus topics, and thank you for your understanding.

Upcoming focus topics:

March 2015: Autism Spectrum Diseases

June 2015: Cancer

September 2015: Addiction

Editor's Picks from the Current Issue

Volume 87, Issue 4

Multilevel Factors Influencing Hepatitis B Screening and Vaccination among Vietnamese Americans in Atlanta, Georgia

Paula M. Frew, Brooke Hixson, Linda Vo, Siyu Zhang, Chang Liud; Tranh Nguyen, Jay Schamel, Diane S. Saint-Victor, and Minh Ly Nguyen

Poisonous, Filthy, Loathsome, Damnable Stuff: The Rhetorical Ecology of Vaccination Concern

Bernice L. Hausman, Mecal Ghebremichael, Philip Hayek, and Erin Mack

Anti-Cancer Vaccines — A One-Hit Wonder?

Justin K.H. Liu

Renal Sympathetic Denervation in the Treatment of Resistant Hypertension

Catalina Sánchez-Álvarez, Miguel González-Vélez, Erik Stilp, Charisse Ward, and Carlos Mena-Hurtado