YCCI 2011 Pilot Awardees

Promotion of Basic Science Collaboration

PICollaboratorsProjectAmount Funded
Alanna Schepartz, Ph.D.Gary Cline, Ph.D.Building a Better Byetta™: β-peptide Agonists of the GLP-1 Receptor$150,000
David A. Spiegel, M.D., Ph.D.Development of Small-Molecule Immune Modulators for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy$146,177
Li Wen, M.D., Ph.D."Gut Feeling" of Immunotherapy in Type 1 Diabetes$150,000
Total Promotion of Basic Science Collaboration$446,177

Translational and Interdisciplinary Research

PICollaboratorsProjectAmount Funded
Kevan Herold, M.D.Assessment of Residual Insulin Production and Its Association to Retention of Counterregulatory Responses to Hypoglycemia and Immune Markers in Patients with Long Standing Type 1 Diabetes$148,843
Harriet Kluger, M.D.Development of New Paradigms for Melanoma Patients with Brain Metastases$150,000
Robert Malison, M.D.Establishing and Eliminating Cue-drug Associations in Human Cocaine Addiction$148,434
Christopher Pittenger, M.D., Ph.D.Monoamine Receptor in Mapping in HDC Knockout Mice: A Translational Model of Neurotransmitter Dysregulation in Tourette Syndrome$148,447
Total Translational and Interdisciplinary Research$595,724

Novel Clinical and Translational Methodologies

PICollaboratorsProjectAmount Funded
Yi-Hwa Liu, Ph.D.Albert J. Sinusas, M.D.Detection and Quantification of Molecular Processes in the Myocardium$24,998

Christopher A. Tormey, M.D. and Richard Torres, M.D., M.S

Gary Stack, M.D., Ph.D.Characterizing the Effect of Modes of Platelet Storage Agitation on Cytokine Reserve and Gas Transport$21,795
Total Novel Clinical and Translational Methodologies$46,793

Core Technologies

PICollaboratorsProjectAmount Funded
Marc N. Potenza, M.D.Cannabinoid CB1 Receptor Imaging in Obesity: Relationships with Clinical, fMRI and Other Biological Measures$29,979
Total Community-Based Research and Engagement$29,979

Promotion of T2 and T3 Research

PICollaboratorsProjectAmount Funded
Terrence Murphy, Ph.D.Kathryn Henderson, Ph.D.Enhancing Non-Randomized Studies in Public Health: A Novel Statistical Technique to Strengthen Causality of an Obesity Prevention Intervention for Children$47,047
Total Promotion of T2 and T3 Research$47,047
Total Pilot Awards for 2011$1,165,720