YCCI Outpatient Facility

Church Street Research Unit (CSRU)

The Church Street Research Unit (CSRU) is ideal for less invasive outpatient studies involving investigative testing such as blood draws, physical exams, neurocognitive testing, oral glucose tolerance testing and mixed meal tolerance testing.

The unit provides a pleasant environment conducive to clinical research. It offers accessible parking and is located near the highway as well as the medical and nursing schools. The facility includes:

  • A phlebotomy room
  • Two fully equipped clinical examination rooms
  • Two rooms with reclining exam chairs and televisions where participants can relax during studies of longer duration  
  • A meeting room appropriate for obtaining patient consent, consultations, interviews, and survey-based research studies.
  • A blood processing facility and access to Core Laboratory Services
  • A storage facility
  • A limited freezer facility

CSRU staff includes a full-time nurse to assist investigators in conducting studies or researchers may supply their own staff to utilize this space.

If you would like to utilize the CSRU, please contact: