Director's Corner

Robert Sherwin

Robert Sherwin, MD, YCCI Director

This issue of our newsletter focuses on Yale’s IT initiatives and how Epic, the electronic medical record, and OnCore, the clinical research management system, are increasing the efficiency and quality of both clinical care and research.

When we were awarded the Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) in 2006, one of our first priorities was to implement an IT platform that would support clinicians and investigators in delivering and developing innovative medical care. At that time, medical records and clinical research used a patchwork of databases, spreadsheets and paper forms that impeded access to data and the management of clinical research. We’ve come such a long way in just a few years.

For the first time ever, Yale has a single IT system for clinical care, scheduling, and billing utilized across the health system. We also have a clinical research management system that has streamlined the initiation and management of clinical trials, easing the administrative burden for investigators while improving reporting and compliance. Best of all, we have broken new ground in integrating the two systems. Yale was the first institution to integrate Epic and OnCore, and is paving the way for other academic medical centers eager to reap the rewards of this approach. This initiative enhances the ability of investigators to plan and conduct clinical research while improving the experience of those who participate in clinical studies.

As the Epic and OnCore teams continue to work fast and furiously to refine the systems and bring new tools online, we should all be proud of the great strides we’ve taken to make Yale’s IT vision a reality.

Robert Sherwin, MD
YCCI Director