Spring 2014 Newsletter

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Director's Corner

One of the reasons I accepted the position as director of YCCI when we opened our doors eight years ago was the commitment to education that is part of our mission and about which I continue to remain passionate.

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Training the Next Generation of Clinical and Translational Researchers

When YCCI was established in 2006, one of our key goals was to attract promising students, fellows, and junior faculty members to careers in clinical and translational research, and offer them the training necessary to work effectively in today’s complex research environment. While YCCI has grown and expanded in the intervening years, our focus on education has remained unwavering.

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2013 YCCI Junior Faculty Scholars

The newest round of Scholars is an accomplished group of investigators who are pursuing clinical and translational research projects aimed at some of the most challenging areas found in medicine today.

Scholar News

Updates from previous YCCI Scholars.

Research Highlight: PCare4NHV

There is a lack of understanding of adult primary care resources in New Haven, which has a growing population of Medicaid patients as a result of the expansion of this program under the Affordable Care Act.

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MS in Chronic Disease Epidemiology Provides Intensive Training in Research Methods

Jessica Illuzzi, M.D., M.S. ’06 , had a strong background in basic science and treating patients, but felt that she lacked the clinical research skills needed to address the issues she was interested in exploring. “There were unanswered questions in my field and I didn’t have the tools to do that type of research,” said Illuzzi, associate professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive sciences.

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YCCI’s QA Team Is Growing

In an effort to ensure the high quality of clinical research at Yale, YCCI is expanding its QA staff with the addition of Alyssa Gateman, M.P.H., CCRP, who will join Yale on July 1. She will be working with Susan Anderson, R.N., B.S.N., M.F.A., YCCI associate director for quality assurance and training, to support quality initiatives for clinical research across the medical campus.

Christopher P. Austin, M.D.

Scholar Retreat Highlights Importance of Team Science and Training

Yale students, trainees, and faculty from across the medical campus attended the third annual All-Scholar Day Retreat sponsored by YCCI on April 1 at the Anlyan Center.