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NetHaven at Yale is a practice based research network of health care providers in Connecticut's Greater New Haven region. Based at Yale University, NetHaven is a collaboration between the Yale University School of Nursing, the Yale Center for Clinical Investigation, and community-based health care providers. This interdisciplinary network brings together Yale investigators and primary care clinicians to:

  • Conduct research that answers clinicians’ questions and responds to the community’s health care needs
  • Translate research findings into practice
  • Pave the way for large, sophisticated clinical studies that connect Yale's cutting-edge research with clinical practice in the community

NetHaven’s vision is to achieve quality health care for all, particularly underserved populations and under-resourced areas in the Greater New Haven region.

Nancy Redeker, PhD, RN, FAHA, FAAN

Nancy Redeker 

NetHaven is the critical interface between YCCI and community providers who represent a variety of disciplines. Our activities include innovative research projects that emerge from real- world clinical problems in community-based clinical settings and strategies to promote the uptake of scientific evidence that will improve health outcomes in the community.

- Nancy Redeker, 
Director, NetHaven, Yale's Practice Based Research Network

CER KFC: Dissemination and Implementation Training Materials

The Colorado Clinical and Translation Science Institute would like to share training materials for investigators interested in dissemination and implementation (D&I) research. Please visit to access these materials.
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