TL1 Training Program

TL1 Leadership

John Forrest, MD
Associate Director for Education and Director of T32 Training Program

The TL1 training program provides expanded clinical/translational training for predoctoral medical, nursing, M.D. /Ph.D., and biomedical engineering students. The program supports one-year clinical research projects and includes an intensive training core with courses in leadership and organization, introduction to clinical research, biostatistics and statistical data analysis. It also provides training for medical students for short-term clinical research projects that last approximately three months.

Yale students supported by the TL1 training grant have achieved a remarkable record of scientific productivity. In all, during or shortly after medical school, 77 students have co-authored 148 full-length publications; 63 students have presented abstracts, 68 students have presented 78 posters and oral presentations, and 37 students have completed a Yale MD thesis.  Students have published papers in outstanding peer-reviewed journals, including Nature, Proceedings of theNational Academy of Science, Circulation, JAMA, Neuroscience, Journal of Neuroscience, Journal of Immunology, Journal of the American College of Cardiology, and the American Heart Journal, among others.

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Current TL1 Scholars

Ayal AizerChristopher Painter
Jonathan BelmanSaif Rathore
Benjamin EricksonSwapna Reddy
Adam LicurseRajendra Sawh-Martinez