Clinical Skills Education

The goal of YCCI’s Clinical Skills Training program is to enhance the quality, integrity, safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of clinical research at Yale by providing non-clinical research staff with the skills needed to perform basic clinical tasks and carry out other aspects of clinical research protocols.

Training for Research Assistants and Research Associates (RA’s) includes a series of four-day programs of didactic and laboratory sessions in the skills needed to perform hands-on clinical procedures for medical data collection for research protocols (e.g. vital signs, specimen procurement, phlebotomy, point of care testing, performing electrocardiograms).

In addition, students learn to identify the components of the consent form that must be checked for completeness before initiating any research procedures. Students are also taught basic emergency care, including modes of oxygen delivery, airway maintenance, seizure precautions, and emergencies precautions, as well as the care of the patient after venipuncture.

At the completion of the classroom and laboratory sessions, RA’s receive coaching regarding their clinical skills and have opportunities to perform these skills in the Church Street Research Unit. The program is divided into specific classes and/or modules, so that Research Associates or nurses who have already been trained on some clinical procedures can expand their skills by participating in specific modules.

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