Medical Research Billing Compliance

Medical Research Billing Compliance seeks to ensure that medical researchers employ proper billing practices. This website contains resources about how to bill for services provided as part of a research study and about the laws and regulations governing billing procedure. 

Billing Information

To register your research study in our central billing system, and for more information on billing procedure, click here.

Qualifying Trials

Consult this webpage to determine if your research study is eligible for Medicare coverage.

Insurance Policies

Resources about coverage for clinical trials by Medicare and private insurance providers are available here.


For information regarding billing for devices, click here.

Off-Label Drugs

Information about off-label drugs and Medicare approval can be found here.

Expanded Access to Investigational Drugs for Treatment Use

  1. FDA information regarding expanded access of investigational drugs (pdf) click here
  2. Expanded Access to Investigational Drugs for Treatment use  (pdf) click here
  3. Charging for Investigational drugs (pdf) click here (pdf)
  4. Physician request for an Individual Patient IND under Expanded Access for Non-emergency or Emergency Use (pdf) click here

Other Resources

This webpage provides links to useful resources such as YSM Grants and Contracts, Clinical Research Compliance Newsletter, Billing Compliance Program Manual, and Human Subjects Protection Training.