Yale School of Nursing and the Practice-Based Research Network (NetHaven)

Yale School of Nursing (YSN) offers a research-intensive environment that is almost exclusively devoted to community-based research. It is noteworthy that TheCenter for Self and Family Management of Vulnerable Populations  that supports community based research in the Yale School of Nursing is one of only 10 Core Research Centers in the country that are supported by the National Institute of Nursing Research. Its goal of promoting interdisciplinary and translational research has made it an ideal leader for many of YCCI’s community engagement activities at the local, state and national levels. YSN’s community research and engagement activities in YCCI have focused on:

  • Expansion and further development of NetHaven, Yale’s Practice-based Research Network (PBRN);
  • Developing other translational initiatives that link community health interest with Yale-based research
  • Collaborations with other CTSA institutions to promote nursing research initiatives at a national level.

NetHaven emerged from YSN’s APRNet, founded in 2000 by Dr Margaret Grey, Dean of YSN, and was one of the first 19 PBRNs funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). It was the first funded PBRN directed and developed by advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) and included APRNs who practiced in hospital-based clinics, community health centers, and privately owned practices. The scope of the network has grown, with financial support from YCCI and the CTSA, to include providers from many disciplines and wider collaborations with academic health scientists.

NetHaven’s mission is to promote a practice-based interdisciplinary network of health care providers that conducts research relevant to clinical practice in diverse settings, develops culturally competent, evidence-based models of care, and enhances the translation of research findings into community practice. Key NetHaven partners are YSN, YNHH, Yale University Health Services, YCCI and community clinical practices, including the Fair Haven Community Health Center, the Cornell Scott Hill Health Center, and the Yale-New Haven Community Medical Group. Collectively these organizations represent approximately 800 health care providers and 210,000 racially and ethnically diverse health care consumers, many of whom are socio-economically disadvantaged.

Research Efforts

  • Four NetHaven practice sites are currently participating in a funded NCRR supplement award to the Yale CTSA to examine a quality-improvement initiative for standardized screening and referral practices for the prevention and treatment of childhood obesity. YCCI Scholar Dr. Karen Dorsey (Assistant Professor, Pediatrics, YSM) and Mary Savoye (YCCI CRRF Nutritionist) are working with NetHaven to implement this project.
  • NetHaven members are also participating as referral sites for two NIH funded studies, both led by Dr Stephanie O’Malley (Professor, Psychiatry, YSM), that examine smoking cessation and binge drinking treatment among adolescents and young adults. 
  • With funds from YCCI, NetHaven issued an RFA for a pilot study to fund a 2-year project to address a health concern identified in the CARE Health Research Agenda that would use the PBRN network. Seven proposals were submitted and reviewed. The study that was selected, entitled, Improving primary care treatment for people with mental illness by enhancing treatment alliances and decreasing stigma is led by Dr Elizabeth Flanagan, Assist. Professor of Psychiatry. This pilot reflects a health priority area designated by the New Haven community and incorporated an innovative community-based participatory research approach with NetHaven members.
  • YSN plans to issue another RFA for a second pilot study based in the community and involving the NetHaven PBRN, to be awarded in 2010/2011.

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