YCCI Scholars Engaged in Community Based Research

Approximately 20 percent of the junior faculty selected for the YCCI Scholar Program are conducting community-based research. Moreover, 15 percent (or nearly $7 million) of the total external grants awarded to YCCI Scholars are for community-based projects. Many of these Scholars work with RWJFCSP and other partners in developing and performing their projects. Examples of research performed by these young investigators include:

Douglas Bruce,MD: Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Project title: Integrating Hepatitis C Treatment within Methadone Maintenance Programs:

Sarah Jaser PhD: Associate Research Scientist in the School of Nursing
Project title: Coping, Parenting, & Maternal-Child Adjustment in Type 1 Diabetes

Tene Lewis PhD: Assistant Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health
Project title: Psychosocial Factors and Cardiovascular Disease in African-American Women: Developing a Program of Clinical and Translational Research

YCCI also successfully competed for an NCRR ARRA Administrative Supplement for a study entitled, Reducing Childhood obesity Risks via Translating Clinical Guidelines/Interventions. This project is directed by Dr Karen Dorsey, a graduate of the IMP, YCCI Scholar Program and RWJFCSP. Dr Dorsey is being assisted by Mary Savoye of the YCCI CRRF Bionutrition Unit, who developed a novel intensive life-style intervention program for obese inner-city youth (Savoye M, et al., 2007).