Robert Sherwin, MD

Robert Sherwin

Director, YCCI

Robert Sherwin, MD will serve as Director of YCCI and P.I. of the CTSA award. He is the C.N.H. Long Professor of Medicine and is internationally recognized for research addressing pathophysiological mechanisms in diabetes, both in the laboratory and at the bedside. Dr. Sherwin is ideally suited to lead YCCI based on his extensive knowledge of clinical investigation at Yale, his role as a center director and educator, his community service, and his scientific career that has focused on translational and interdisciplinary research.

Dr. Sherwin has been a faculty member in the Department of Internal Medicine since 1974, and was the first national recipient of the GCRC Clinical Associate Physician (CAP) Award created by NCRR to promote the development of young clinical investigators conducting patient-based research. Currently, he serves as the Director of the Yale GCRC, Director of the NIDDK-funded Diabetes Endocrinology Research Center (DERC) and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) funded Center for the Study of Hypoglycemia, each of which supports clinical and translational research. His administrative experience extends beyond Yale, having served as President of the American Diabetes Association (ADA) as well as Chairman of the JDRF Medical Science Advisory Board.  He has served as a member or chairman of numerous grant reviews committees (NIH Metabolism and Special Study Sections, ADA, JDRF), Director of the Endocrinology Training Program (NIDDK-funded T32), Chairman of the ADA/NIDDK Diabetes Prevention Program Advisory Group and of the FDA’s Advisory Committee for Endocrine and Metabolic Drugs. Dr. Sherwin’s research program has been rewarded by 30 years of continuous NIH support, including two MERIT awards. His stature is underscored by his selection as recipient of the Novartis Award for Longstanding Achievement in Diabetes and the Distinguished Alumnus Award from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and his election to ASCI and AAP. It is noteworthy that because Dr. Sherwin’s research is broad-based (spanning clinical and basic science) he has established collaborations with many of the key components of YCCI’s scientific base, e.g. the GCRC, Pediatrics, Immunobiology, MRRC, Neurobiology, Psychiatry, Neurosurgery. This coupled with his role as a training program director, puts him in a unique position to coordinate and oversee YCCI’s interdisciplinary activities, scientific progress and Faculty Mentor program.