YCCI Faculty

Education, Training, & Career Development

Cho, Judy H

Henry J. and Joan W. Binder Professor (Adjunct) of Medicine (Digestive Diseases)
Director, Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center

Craft, Joseph Edgar

Paul B. Beeson Professor of Medicine (Rheumatology) and Professor of Immunobiology
Section Chief, Rheumatology
Program Director, Investigative Medicine
Paul B. Beeson Professor of Medicine

Forrest, John Nevins, Jr

Professor of Medicine
Director, Office of Student Research

Shapiro, Eugene D

Professor of Pediatrics (General Pediatrics) and of Epidemiology (Microbial Diseases)
Deputy Director, Investigative Medicine Program
Co-Director of Education, of KL-2 Mentored Clinical Scholar Program and of Child Health Research, Yale Center for Clinical Investigation
Associate Chair for Clinical Translational and Educational Research, Department of Pediatrics
American Board of Pediatrics, Chair, Subboard of Infectious Diseases


Tamborlane, William V

Professor of Pediatrics (Endocrinology)
Deputy Director, Yale Center for Clinical Investigation
Chief, Pediatric Endocrinology


Dziura, James David

Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, of Medicine (Endocrinology) and of Public Health (Biostatistics)
Deputy Director, Yale Center for Analytical Sciences

Peduzzi, Peter Natale

Professor of Public Health (Biostatistics)
Director, Yale Center for Analytical Sciences (YCAS)

Clinical Research Resources

Carpenter, Thomas Oliver

Professor of Pediatrics (Endocrinology) and of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation and Clinical Professor of Nursing
Director, Yale Center for X-Linked Hypophosphatemia
Medical Director, Hospital Research Unit


Rockwell, Sara

Professor Emeritus of Therapeutic Radiology and Professor of Pharmacology
Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs


Miller, Perry L

Professor of Anesthesiology (Medical Informatics)

Community Outreach

Sadler, Lois S.

(leave of absence spring); Prof Nursing


Sherwin, Robert Stanley

C. N. H. Long Professor of Medicine (Endocrinology)
Section Chief, Endocrinology
Director, YCCI