Yale Animal Resources Center

Yale’s comprehensive source for laboratory animals:

Emergency Contact Information 

  • Animal Care: 203-785-2526
  • Animal Health: 203-785-2501
  • Animal Welfare: 203-785-5992
  • Accident (injury): 203-432-7978

Important information for grant applications

Animals will be housed and cared for in facilities operated by the Yale Animal Resources Center. Per diem rates cover:

  • housing
  • husbandry
  • complete veterinary services (including disease diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and veterinary consultation on the care and use of animals)

Yale University is registered as a research facility with the United States Department of Agriculture. It also is fully accredited by the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC). An Animal Welfare Assurance (#A3230-01) is on file with OLAW-NIH; effective 5/12/11 - 5/31/15.