How Does Your Gift Make a Difference?

Women’s Health Research at Yale raises its own funds for innovative studies that launch larger investigations on pressing women's health concerns.  Your support makes these important studies possible!  Learn More / Make a Gift

Pilot Project Program: Reach

This successful program provides "seed" money for promising investigations, and enables scientists to generate the necessary feasibility data for obtaining external grants from major funding agencies, such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH). These larger external grants allow the development of comprehensive research and cannot be secured without the feasibility data generated by these pilot projects.

The range of our studies is not limited, as true discovery results from the opportunity to pursue innovative ideas across disciplines.

  • High-Impact Health Findings: Our researchers' influential findings are improving health and healthcare for women.  Click here to read about some of these findings.

Pilot Project Program: Returns

Since the inception of our Pilot Project Program in 1998, more than $4.5 million in seed grants has been awarded, and our investigators used the results from their studies to generate more than $52 million in new external grants to further their research.

Of those funded by our Pilot Project Program:

  • an outstanding 53% of our investigators obtained these external grants - five times the success rate for NIH grant applications - a testament to the strength and relevance of their work; and 

  • 75% have been junior or mid-level faculty, who needed these funds to launch their careers.

Collaborations: Research, Training & Education:

  • building interdisciplinary research cores that bring investigators together to answer emerging questions;
  • engaging the community through educational outreach to disseminate new health information; and 
  • training the next generation of women's health researchers.