Women’s Health Research at Yale continually integrates the study of the effects of sex and gender into new collaborative grants and partnerships with key scientists in diverse areas of women’s health.

In all of our collaborations, the goals and priorities are to generate research findings of practical benefit to women, and to communicate these findings to health care professionals and the community – always with the intention of enhancing the quality of life for women, men and families. We do so by:

  • Developing and enhancing collaborations among investigators across disciplines, areas of expertise, and departments and institutions.
  • Generating new health findings through innovative projects in clinical and basic research, and investigations on health services, and disease prevention and treatment.
  • Addressing understudied aspects of women’s health.
  • “Mainstreaming” women’s health research.
  • Identifying new treatment options.
  • Promoting new preventive strategies.
  • Encouraging behaviors that improve health.