Opthalmology Case Study

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Overview of Project

During the course of the yearly site review for the Ophthalmology department (under the terms of the Web Editing Service) we discovered that there were several potential opportunities for improvement to the site. The site was reviewed in accordance with the structure on the Website Review Overview and the resulting document was given to the Ophthalmology Department for review. They brought back a few points for clarification and after talking with them it was decided to implement the changes on the site. Several sections of the site were overhauled and condensed in order to be more user-friendly. 

A brief list of the major areas affected (non-comprehensive):

  • Top Navigation changed to combine "Patient Care" and "Patient & Visitor Guide" for ease of access.
  • The Home Page was reworked to increase visibility and call to action.
  • The Education section was reorganized to include Training and the fellowships were highlighted in a more clear, and immediately actionable, manner.

In order to explain some of the main points we have included a brief side-by-side comparison of the Education Section's main page (between the old and new version) highlighting some of the changes that were undertaken.