Web Editing Service

For those organizations that do not have the time, people, or web know-how to maintain their website, the Web Group has created a Web Editing Service that shifts the website updating responsibility to the Web Group. The organization is still responsible for generating and communicating the edits, but the Web Group will make the updates to the website. This service offers two standard options, including quarterly and monthly update plans.

Required Forms

Visit our Document Library to retrieve necessary information and documents concerning your website build, review, or edit service.

How it works:

  1. The Web Group and the YSM organization discuss what plan best fits the organization's needs, whether or not the organization has any special requests, and then agree on an update schedule in advance. The Web Group will generate an agreement that clearly outlines the responsibilities, cost and timeline that must be signed before work begins.
  2. When it is time for an update cycle, the organization sends the Web Group a consolidated list of all required updates. “Updates” include things like text changes, navigation changes, replacing images, replacing documents, etc.
  3. The Web Group generally takes up to one week (from the date the updates are sent) to make the edits and then sends a preview of the website for the organization to review.
  4. The organization then has up to one week to review and approve the changes, at which point the Web Group publishes them live.

The Web Group’s Responsibilities

Project Management ToolThe Web Group will provide Basecamp access (the Group’s online client project management tool) for the organization and will use this tool to communicate deadlines and messages to the organization’s website coordinator.
One Week Turnaround

The Web Group make edits and sends a preview of the updated website for the website coordinator to review and approve within one week from the date the edits are submitted.

Timely CommunicationThe Web Group will communicate with the organization’s website coordinator via Basecamp if there are any questions or if there is any difficulty involved in making the edits that unexpectedly delays the update cycle.
Web FormattingThe update includes proper web formatting; however, the organization is responsible for the text. The Web Group can help the organization identify a freelance writer to assist, if needed.
Annual Quality ReviewOnce a year the Web Group will perform a quality review of the website to look for formatting problems, broken links and suggest the use of newly available templates or functionality.

The Organization’s Responsibilities

CoordinatorThe organization will appoint a single website coordinator who will liaise between the organization’s interested parties and the Web Group.
Updates Approved, Consolidated, and Specific

The website coordinator will supply the Web Group with updates, including instructions, which are approved by all interested parties (including leadership), consolidated in one Word document, and uploaded to Basecamp, using track changes from the original website text, if applicable. Included in the Word document will be the URL of the page to be changed, and any descriptive notes that will help the Web Group clearly understand the requests.

Image SizeAll images should be at least 1,000 pixels wide and sent as individual files (not embedded in the Word document). See the YSM Photography Guidelinesdocument for more information.
TimelineThe website coordinator will provide the Web Group with updates on the dates specified in this agreement. Delays will mean the timeframe will be readjusted.