Site Building & Editing at YSM

This website is here to provide you with more information on the process of building your website in the Tridion content management system and to give you guidance on maintaining your new website’s content once it has gone live.  To see what websites are already currently in production, click here.

Request a Website

The Web Group has two solutions for building a YSM website: 1) official YSM organizations use the YSM web template and CMS; 2) lab and personal faculty websites use the YSM lab template, which utilizes the same CMS.


Website Building Process

Whether your old site is being rebuilt in the YSM web template or you are having an entirely new site built, it is important to understand that building a website up to YSM standards is a multi-stage process that takes a great deal of time, resources, and input from you.


Web Editing Service

For those organizations that do not have the time, people, or web know-how to maintain their website, the Web Group has created a Web Editing Service that shifts the website updating responsibility to the Web Group. This annual subscription-based service offers two standard options, including quarterly ($2k annually) and monthly ($5k annually) update plans, but the service can be customized to meet your organization’s needs.


Website Review

The Website Review service provides a systematic and professional review of the strengths and weaknesses of your organization's website. The initial review includes recommendations on how to improve the site. Once the review has been completed, the organization may either implement the changes on their own, or for an additional fee (based on the size of the site) the Web group will implement the changes. This provides flexible options to help you determine how much work is required to help achieve the site goals and then create a budget or plan to implement the updates.