Entity Header

Quick reference

  • Entity titles are not editable.
  • The subsection header navigation list should never exceed one line (cannot wrap).

not editable

The header is a blue band that contains the name of the organization (and its parent, if necessary) that the site represents.

Type 1: Freestanding or Major Entity

The term “freestanding or major entity” refers to any organization in the School that does not have a parent organization besides the School itself. This includes departments, offices, and programs or centers that span multiple departments or are large, complex and multi-faceted.

The freestanding or major entity header.

Type 2: Subsection of a Freestanding or Major Entity

A subsection of a freestanding or major entity is an organization at the School that has a clear parent organization (for instance, the Section of Nephrology belongs to the Department of Internal Medicine).

The entity band within the subsection header may optionally contain a horizontal list of top-level links for the major entity and is displayed like the links in the top YSM navigation bar. The list should never exceed one line, and the links should be consistent across any organizations that have this same parent. The parent organization determines what those links are. If your organization has two or more parent organizations, please discuss solutions with the Web Group. Most likely, parent organizations will be listed in the entity band in a breadcrumb fashion. As a working example, this website (Web Planning) is a subsection of YSM Institutional Planning & Communications. Users can easily navigate back to YSM-IPC and its main pages via the major entity navigation bar.

The subsection header allows users to easily see the navigation of the organization’s parent entity. In the sample above, the links “About Us,” “Educational Programs,” etc. belong to the major entity, Internal Medicine, and mirror Internal Medicine’s main navigation, which is found in that site’s orange bar. In this case, Nephrology is the subsection.