Main Navigation Links

Quick reference

  • The main navigation contains links to the organization’s top-level pages.
  • The list should never exceed one line in length (cannot wrap).
  • Secondary links for each top-level page are listed in the left column.
  • Patient Care information should be presented in a specific structure. more…

text editable

This area provides space for the major navigation links. Since these links are maintained across all pages within a site, it’s important to create a user-friendly navigational structure. The Web Group is happy to provide assistance and consultation to your organization when planning and creating the site’s architecture.

required navigation
The main navigation should always include a "Home" link in the first position of the navigation row. In addition, clincial or patient services should always be listed as “Patient Care.”

additional notes
This list of links should never exceed one line in length (in other words, the links may not wrap), and should always align left with the left column of text. This list should not include any of the “toolbox” links, which should be segregated in the tool set (see the Toolbox guidelines). In addition, the links are not flyouts, but are stationary links.

The main navigation in the orange bar is for the organization’s top-level pages. This navigation remains the same on all pages of the site and does not change from page to page.

Patient Care (Clinical) Navigation

To provide patients with a seamless experience when browsing patient care information across departmental websites, the Web Group has developed a recommended navigation structure that should always be used for pages that describe patient services.